ArcheoRunning: Wellness, art, sports and culture

Isabella Calidonna returns to 4running together with Archeorunning for a new project promoted by the Lazio region, where the main characters are sports, art, culture and well-being.

ArcheoRunning, Rome you’ve never seen

Rome is the most beautiful, famous and most visited city in the world, with its thousands of alleys steeped in history and its millennial monuments. Well known thanks to various movies and documentaries, it hides a face that is a little known to many. That is why ArcheoRunning was born a few years ago, a project created to entice more people to play sports, gentle movement and at the same time get to know unusual places or places that are absent every day in the Eternal City.

Isabella Calidonna

Isabella Calidonna is leading the project. Art historian, FIDAL technician, Coni physical trainer and licensed tour guide, now Roman by adoption for several years. Love everything that is beauty and everything that is sports. Marathon runner and triathlete, he decided to combine these passions with his innate love of art, giving life to ArcheoRunning, the perfect blend of professionalism, experience and in-depth knowledge of the field. “The idea comes from the desire to shape art and sports in different ways, from the easiest to the most demanding, of course accompanied by a tour guide and a dedicated coach.”

Natural trails. Art, culture, sports and wellness. The new ArcheoRunning project

New in the ArcheoRunning activity is the start of a very special project, which Isabella has also given life to thanks to the contribution of the Lazio region, “Natural trails. Art, culture, sports and well-being”, created with the aim of promoting and creating new strategic destinations that improve new products and new places in the Lazio region.

Experience-rich and sustainable tourism

The basic element of the project is adventure tourismlinked to everyone’s passions and interests. With Rome in the background, but with a whole new appeal. Which also serves as an entrance to unpublished places in the capital and the neighboring villages of Lazio. Able to tell territories and reveal their legendary history. A sustainable, innovative and accessible tourism that has the theme of responsible improvement and the territorial, environmental and cultural heritage. A product unprecedented experience tourism, which embraces different sectors such as culture, wellness, sports, nature, food and wine and outdoor experience.

Physical and mental well-being

Both physical and mental well-being proposals will be made that can be attributed to the holiday with a good life and the rediscovery of identity and hospitality, of traditions and of the local lifestyle. Numerous archeological sites will be visited in a new and unusual way that promotes running in a gentle way, which will make it possible to promote not only a place’s sports culture, but also its natural environment and reference area, and become an attraction for younger tourists. .

The thematic circuits of Wellness Tourism

The paths and routes will provide space to create thematic circuits to attract and at the same time increase awareness of the beauty of the native territory. ArcheoRunning intends to make gentle sports a real source of well-being and promote an activity that heals both body and soul, also known as wellness tourism.

If you want to know more, Isabella Calidonna ArcheoRunning tells us

ArcheoRunning was born in 2016. Uniting my passions, that is, telling the city of Rome, the culture that permeates it and running through real runs, with a specific mission, to make the city known from a complete point of view new through sweet movement It’s not a race or hard training, ArcheoRunning is well-being and happiness. In short: #RunDipity! ”.

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By Isabella Calidonna | Photo: Silvia Scamporrino

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