Antrodoco, new tourism and school in the election challenge at the foot of Mount Giano

RIETI – The thermometer in Antrodoco marks 19 degrees and along Corso Roma you walk with the background of the voices coming from the open windows and the beams and cups of the beam. The umbrellas in the historic Serani ice cream shop are already open, and below, with a group of fellow citizens, is Sandro Grassi, one of the two candidates for mayor. We choose a table overlooking Piazza del Popolo and begin to take stock of this election campaign. “It was quiet – Grassi admits, trying again after the victory in 2012 and the defeat in 2017 – without personal attacks and, albeit at times with a polemical tone, there was talk of actions and not of people”. He spent the last few years on the opposition benches, from which he only missed during the long rehabilitation after the serious motorcycle accident in August 2020. It is the only moment where one remembers the fear, the pain, the difficulties of that period. , believing in Madonna delle Grotte di Antrodoco, his eyes fill with tears. Since that date, a turning point that has restored the priority of life, he has never been on the bike. “I’m just moved to talk about that part of my life,” he assures. By the way, he says he is aggressive. “When I lost, I decided to give the new administration time to prove what it had promised to do – he explains – then I found out that nothing was done. Not even the works we had left to complete. We find complete immobility and isolation from the rest of the neighboring municipalities. The school district has been transferred to Cittaducale, a very serious matter which we will try to repair. Compared to Salaria, a course on which the development of the area will be played in the next 20 years, Antrodoco Municipality is still silent. No one knows the position of the administration, but sharing is fundamental. And we also believe that the many Pnnr interventions that they show are not very credible ”.

The countryside. There are things to do for the anthropocentrics. Raffaele, 37, stresses the need to “restart the city. It may have been the earthquake, Covid, but there are hundreds of houses closed. You have to revive it: it is full of beauties to visit, attracts tourists and above all brings people back to live here ». As we get closer, Stefano, 52, says that “a papyrus would be needed to write them all”. The sore point is first and foremost the “transfer of the school under the chairmanship of Cittaducale”, then the services. “There are many people from Rome – he says – who would like to move, but there are no connections. From a tourist point of view, Antrodoco’s thermal baths have been blocked since the late 1980s, they were also very popular with VIPs. , so no more. There are many situations where one can intervene. It is sufficient to see the Velino river, where due to a rebound of skills it is full of grass with consequent risks in case of rain ». We continue ad Corso Roma, before the small gardens, there is a greengrocer on the street, as Mrs. Emilia, who has been in Antrodoco for 25 years, approaches, we ask her what a mayor should do once it has been elected. ” They know what to do – a lapidary phrase – is not it Immacola ‘? “” Of course it is true, “Immacolata replies, getting ready to choose fruits and vegetables. both from a tourism point of view because it disappeared between the earthquake and Covid and services. They have done something, and it is right to acknowledge that, but we are still very much missing. ” As we walk back down to the town hall, we look for an acknowledgment from Mayor Alberto Guerrieri. He is in his room engrossed in the many administrative procedures that are still lacking. He sends the last message, and then sits down in his desk chair. “Obviously these are busy days – he admits – trying to contact all the citizens that I have tried to make clear, and I think we have succeeded in working on a very rich programming of public efforts. The first results have already arrived during the mandate, and many more will arrive in the first year of the new. I am hopeful because I believe that the citizens have understood the work done. ” From 2017 to today, many things have happened. “Many bad ones – the Warriors highlight – were very difficult years between the post earthquake, the fire on Mount Giano, the pandemic. It was not a lucky mandate, but the best moments coincide with all the times we have been able to help the most fragile people in an emergency. ” His team will be in the sign of continuity, but also the renewal with professionals and young people, «who deal with tourism, which we have great confidence in. We have inaugurated hostel that opens us to the participation of different mentalities. Antrodoco – he continues – has always been beautiful and becomes even more so thanks to the recoveries from the earthquake ». At the renewed challenge with Grassi, he comes “more tired”: he is both administrator and candidate. A burden of responsibility ‘which I gladly assume – he assures – for the administrative life must necessarily continue. We have to attack all the calls from the Recovery Fund, and those are crucial weeks. ” Also because citizens are asking for quick and timely answers. “And they must,” he replies without fail, Warriors. “They must not be stingy, because our duty as administrators is to meet the needs of change in this country.”


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