Andersen Festival, events for children and teenagers

Andersen Festival – Children’s parade

The Andersen Festival’s heart continues to beat for children and young people, to whom numerous events are addressed, including theater, cinema, workshops, dance, circus and performances from 9 to 19 June. And the city provides space for the procession of 900 girls and boys marching towards the war along with the Caravan of the Peaceful.

The theater for the little ones continues with Mignolina di Cada Die Teatro (Friday 10 at 17.00), An ugly duckling with the bad masters (Saturday 11 at 17.00), Cipollina in the fruit and vegetable kingdom in The Hub-Teatri di Levante Association (Saturday 11th at 6.30pm), Capricciolò del Teatro hanging in a thread (Sunday 12th at 5pm) and Scoiattolo and Leo, a new story about Casa dolce casa by Roberto Capaldo (Saturday 18th at 5pm).
There will also be lawn theater with Sara Natoli and her Circus of Bees (Sunday the 19th at 18.00), where a beekeeper enters the stage with a beehive, from which come magical tools that through various circus techniques will tell children about bees life.

There will also be magical storytelling moments with goodnight tales along with Di Virgilio and Sirressi (from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th at 9.30pm) and with the Carrousel of the Compagnia dei Somari and La seggiolina blu (from Friday 17th to Sunday 19. from 15.00 to 19.00))).
Drogheria Rebelot will also play fairy tales with Case di fiaba: four workshops inspired by four famous fairy tales by Andersen, with original music to be enjoyed along with pictures and words. The fairytale houses built during these workshops will then be exhibited in the festival rooms (Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th with guards from 10.45 to 17.00).

There will also be music, played by the young people from GOSP, the Young Spezzina Orchestra, a project created to give children and young people a formative environment and social redemption (Thursday 9 at 19.00), and the Itaca show with the young actors of Mariella Teaterforeningen, which will tell about Ulysses’ endless journey, the hero of the myth, who still lives, travels and tells, even when the other heroes have disappeared (Saturday 11 at 9.30 pm).

And as we live by stories to be told, heard and seen, this year there will also be an agreement with the cinema at the Cactus International Children and Youth Film Festival, which each year selects and projects dozens of quality films that give voice to writers and international authors; a voice that is asked to address the younger audience so that all ages have the right to quality stories, complete and curated shows (Sunday 12th at 9.30pm).

If you encounter amazing animals these days going through Sestri Levante, know that you could also participate in their creation: these are the amazing sculptures by Giovanni Zuffi for Continuo Effimero that the free workshop is associated with (each day until Sunday the 12th), which is attended by aspiring artists of all ages with good manual skills, desire to learn and work in a group (to participate contact – @ giozu3008; fede.balletto @ – @_bronzo).
In Piazza del Comune, on the other hand, the local group of Médecins Sans Frontières volunteers in the Genoa MSF4KIDS playroom (for children aged 6 to 10) and the MSF experience tent: a special set-up that will take visitors directly on a mission from Doctors without Borders “in the field” (from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th).

And the second part of the Andersen Festival begins with the CHILDREN’S AND CHILDREN’S RIGHT going through the city streets with Caravan of the Pacifici (Thursday 9 at 10.00).
Over 900 girls and boys from the schools of Sestri Levante will fill the city streets with Carovana dei Pacifici accompanied by Dirty Stompers, a group from the Jazz Center in Genoa, and with the choreographic movements from Deos – Dance Ensemble Opera Studio.
Each child will carry a symbolic twin, which they imagine living in a war zone, and which represents their rejection of war. The silhouettes will be delivered to the mayor to be exhibited in the center’s stores during the festival to testify to the value of boys ‘and girls’ voices. A small gesture that, combined with others, can become large and deep, an act of civilization to respond to the rudeness that young and old witness.

The Andersen Festival is a project supported and promoted by Sestri Levante Municipality and produced by Mediaterraneo Servizi.
At you can download the program for the Andersen Festival and Andersen OFF.
We recommend the interested audience to keep up to date by consulting the website and social pages for Andersen Premio and Festival for any program changes and further information of general interest.

10.00 – City streets – CHILDREN’S AND CHILDREN’S RIGHT that goes with the CARAVAN CARAVAN.
From 16.00 to 19.00 – Piazza del Comune – Médecins Sans Frontières EXPERIENCE TENT. Free workshop for children.
From 18.00 to 20.00 – Esedra di Santo Stefano – EVERYTHING GOES, EVERYTHING REMAINS by Gabriella Salvaterra and SST-Sense Specific Theater – Immersive experience in a natural environment. Reservations at or at the info point in the Municipality from 15.00-18.00. Note: After purchasing a ticket, contact the number 3497765123 to arrange the entry time for each participant.
19.00 – Baia delle Favole – GOSP Young Orchestra Spezzina. Free and free admission.
20.30 – The ruins of Santa Caterina – LA VIA DEGLI ALBERI with Pino Petruzzelli (national premiere). Reservations at or at the info point in the Municipality from 15.00-18.00.
21.30 – Baia delle Favole – SAILORS AND DREAMERS concert with Luca Falomi, Alessandro Turchet, Max Trabucco and Daniele Di Bonaventura. Reservations at or at the info point in the Municipality from 15.00-18.00.

(free and free admission to each event)
9.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00 – Sala Bo from Palazzo Fascie Rossi – exhibition DISCOVERING … MARIO LODI with all works by the young participants in the competition “Discovering Mario Lodi: Antenna’s Story”.
17.00 – Oleandro Room of the Annunziata Convent – Inauguration of the installation exhibition UNA ROOM ALL PER SÉ by Antonio Panella and Theodora Foundation, the result of the Andersen workshop conducted during the year based on the theme care through art and play.
18.00 – Exhibition hall on the second floor of Palazzo Fascie Rossi – Inauguration of CREO, SOUND, CANTO exhibition by G. Descalzo – IC middle school in Sestri Levante.
18.30 – Conchiglia Theater – CONCERT WITH GIRATEMPO ORCHESTRA composed by children and young people from the violin, flute, piano and singing classes at the Chiavari Philharmonic Society’s music school.
21.00 – Mariele Ventre Gardens – TELL ME THE TRUTH, the result of the annual workshop for young people in ScenaMadre Kulturforening.

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