an arc of displays to cross the Moooi exhibition

LG’s unique lifestyle TVs and Moooi’s refined furniture meet in a sophisticated display

L ‘phygital event par excellence for this Milan Design Week it is at the Salone dei Tessuti in via San Gregorio 29 in the enchanting surroundings of Moooi imagined by LG Oled. Before you are immersed in a unique atmosphere, you pass through a real “portal” made with 32 LG OLED TVs, which gives the visitor an engaging immersion, between past, present and future. An arched installation that best enhances the collaboration between two international excellence such as Moooi and LG and their presentation “A Life Extraordinary”, where art, design and technology integrate and enrich each other.

LG Electronics (LG) presents OLED TVs as part of the LG Objet collection, LG OLED Objet Easel (model 65Art90) and LG OLED Objet Posé (model LX1). For the apartment has LG collaborated with Beautiful, the exclusive Dutch furniture company, to create a new interior design style that is elegant and modern at the same time. An “A Life Extraordinary” theme collaboration that pays homage to the perfect combination that can arise between creative flair and technological innovation, between Moooi’s design furniture and LG’s brand new lifestyle TV models.

The TV Staffelipart of the LG OLED Object (model 65Art90), offers most high quality of the pictures expected from an LG OLED TV and have one creative design, refined and elegant, able to decorate the home decor. As the name suggests, the TV is similar to the easel used to paint or display works of art; an ideal shape to highlight the magnificent colors and contrasts offered by LG’s self-cleaning OLED technology. The Easel model is also equipped with a movable fabric cover, which can be conveniently controlled from the TV remote control. When the Line View setting is activated, the case is raised – which reduces the visible part of the screen and gives access to essential functions and display modes such as the date and time and the audio player.

LG Oled: an arc of screens to cross the Moooi exhibition

Like the models in the C and G series of the LG OLED TVs in the 2022 collection, the LG OLED Object Easel, which stands out for its strong artistic inspiration, is equipped with the OLED evo technology it offers incredibly realistic images, light and a very high quality viewing experience comparable to that of the cinema. Using state-of-the-art algorithms and the AI-powered α9 Gen5 processor, LG’s OLED evo technology enables TV’s self-illuminating pixels to deliver unmatched sharpness, precision, contrast and color quality to images that appear to come alive from the screen. In addition, this extraordinary TV is capable of producing a deep and powerful sound thanks to a sound system composed of 4.2 channels of 80W, which is able to transform the living room into a cinema room. Finally, thanks to the use of new materials for a TV, such as the mobile cover in fabric made by Kvadrat, a Danish textile company, the new and exclusive LG lifestyle TV boasts a refined and contemporary aesthetic that gives a touch of style to any home environment.

The new series of LG lifestyle TV welcomes a brand new model that perfectly embodies the elegant essence of the LG, Posé (LX1) TV from the LG OLED Object. With a minimal design Integrated harmoniously with the interior design style of each room and carefully designed to satisfy the desires of the most design-conscious people, Posé is the ideal choice for those looking for a TV that can enhance their daily life and viewing experience and at the same time complete interior design with a innovative and surprising touch.

Compared to a valuable piece of furniture or an art object, Pose (LX1) comes with slightly curved edges and in a soft beige color. Thanks to the aesthetically pleasing design, it is possible to appreciate Posé’s unique charm from any point of view. Furthermore, thanks to an intelligent connection management system, Posé allows you to completely forget the feeling of clutter caused by the clutter of cables, and keeps the space dedicated to them always neat.

In addition to the refined aesthetics, the TV allows you to enjoy beautiful quality images reproduced thanks to technology OLED evo. And when you’re not used to enjoying watching movies or TV shows, Posé can be set to Gallery mode, which turns your home into an art gallery thanks to the on-screen rendering of works of art or photographs.

“The new lifestyle series is able to offer exceptional viewing experiences and a new and refined design, a milestone we have achieved thanks to our leadership in the OLED TV market, the expertise we have developed over the years and continue to improve and thanks be in-depth knowledge of consumer needs. ” said Cathy Oh, Head of Marketing Communication at LG Home Entertainment Company. “These special TVs differ from traditional TVs thanks to their form factor and unmistakable finish that satisfies the taste of those looking for the value of true innovation”.

The TVs from LG Object, Easel and Posé Collection are visible for the first time on Salone dei Tessuti i Milano on the occasion of Milan Design Week, from 7 to 12 June. Staffeli (in the 65 ” format) and Posé (in the triple format of 42 ”, 48 ” and 55 ”) will be launched in Europe and in a selection of other countries from the third quarter of this year.

Visitors to Moooi’s “A Life Extraodinary” exhibit can also enjoy the incredible sound quality and distinctive design of LG’s Eclair Soundbar and XBOOM 360 speakers.

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