Aidem: Music therapy and the art of recycling to create bonds and collaboration at school (online teaching workshop – Accredited 4 hours)

WebLab is an online art laboratory, MIUR-accredited (4 hours) and aimed at teachers, educators and teachers, to learn how to use music as a tool for coherence and creating a calm atmosphere in the classroom.

There music is a very powerful aggregation tool: gives children of all ages the opportunity to get to knowexperiment and support their creative abilities.

Promote the development of rhythmic sense in children it can provide huge benefits both by creating a positive climate in the classroom and by improving learning.

Music is a language that, if introduced into the classroom, in addition to the traditional lesson of music education, can lead many benefits for students and students from all school classes:

  • the music creates coherence group;
  • the music stimulates cognitive functions;
  • music helps promote creativity and increase bodily expressiveness;
  • music creates bonds and promotes socialization.

In short: music unites.

Based on observation of the individual elements that make up the group, practice listening, empathy and involvement of all, music can help stimulate self-awareness and everyone’s creativity.

Also involve the children in practical activities such as construction of a musical instrument using recycled materialsrepresents an innovative approach to cooperation, awareness of sustainability and respect for the environment.

For these reasons, the Professional Academy has organized one WebLab (practical and creative online workshop), where, led by an expert in neurological music therapyparticipants will be able to design stimulating didactic activities that can be repeated very easilyeven with younger children.

It is a accredited online course (4 training hours), present at Sofia platform (ID: 73451) e also available with the Teacher Card.

WebLab (Online art workshop) – MIUR accredited course (4 hours)


We build musical instruments with recycled materials, to support cohesion and teamwork

When: Thursday, June 23, 2022

Hours: 17.00 – 19.00

Lecturer: Alberto Rigamonti, music therapist specializing in neurological music therapy, doctor of psychological sciences and techniques. He performs music therapy and sound communication activities at the State Comprehensive Institutes and individual sessions with children, teenagers and adults with cognitive, motor and relational difficulties.

LIMITED OFFER: 15% DISCOUNT for registrations received no later than Friday 17 June 2022

LIMITED SEATS (to ensure moments of confrontation and interaction with the teacher and other participants)

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PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES that will be performed by the participants under WebLab:

  • LET US BUILD OUR TOOLS TOGETHER: guided by our expert, we will build some musical instruments live using recycled materials.
  • SPACIOUS ORIENTATION: work in pairs guided by the sense of hearing.
  • MUSICAL IMPROVISATION: improvisation as group hearing and construction of the group’s sound identity.
  • EMOTIONAL PROBLEM SOLVING: staging of a sound-musical story, the conductor’s playing, hints of songwriting, integration with aspects of musical listening and art.

NB At the end of the WebLab, the speaker will suggest to the participants the construction of oneactivities by phases (sequential model), which can be shared with the whole group.


  • To suggest to the participants MUSIC THERAPY activitiespromotion of interpersonal awareness, collaboration and trust.
  • To create a climate that favors creativity andexpressiveness of each, through the use of musical instruments.
  • To work onthe importance of listening and collaborating.
  • To create, through music, an alliance that can support the formation of one calm atmosphere of safe involvement for the whole class.
  • To understand how to use music for stimulate creativity and non-judgment on everyone’s freedom of speech.
  • Because Music therapy is a very important key to approachespecially where they are found cognitive, relational difficulties and behavioral disorders. For this there is one inclusive approach which makes pupils and students active and involved.
  • To receive one Accredited diploma (4 hours).


  • WebLab is an online artistic laboratory that aims to create common paths and exchange information between the speaker and the participants.
  • WebLab is one closed number: it’s not a “traditional” workout, though experiential type and focused about sharing and comparison.
  • At the end of WebLab, each participant will receive one proof of participation (4 hours).
  • The course is accredited by MIUR (4 hours certified training) and present on the SOFIA platform (identification code: 73451).
  • Event footage available within the following 48 hours for all participants.
  • Payment methods: Bank transfer, money order, Paypal, Teacher card.


  • Teachers at all levels
  • Teachers
  • Music therapists
  • Art therapists
  • Atelieristi
  • Anyone interested in learning about a new way to bring music as an interdisciplinary language into the classroom (and beyond)


Tambourines and sound balloons

  • Normal balloons, containers (preferably metal cans)
  • Scissors, paper tape
  • Coarse salt or rice


  • Capsules (plastic or beer bottle caps)
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors

They will also be made available practical indications to build RAIN MATERIAL and the DRUM of the sea.


To sign up for WebLab it is necessary fill out and send the registration form by e-mail or fax to n. 0376 1582116.


  • 15% DISCOUNT if you sign up no later than Friday, June 17, 2022.
  • Additional 10% discount for 2 or more participants from the same school.


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