A green, active and participatory week at the Cairoli School in Turin

Last school day dedicated to the environment, awareness and active participation of the students of the secondary school of the Istituto Comprensivo Adelaide Cairoli in Turin. In fact, the children experienced Green Week with interest, consisting of meetings with professionals, field activities, exhibitions, exchanges and snacks with lots of fresh fruit.

The Green Week project is an extension of the #almiomondocitengo project for civic education, which was conceived by the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology. The results of the #almiomondocitengo project were exhibited during Green Week, from May 30 to June 1, also designed and organized by the same department with great support and availability from Principal Monica Rosso and Vice Dean Santi La Rosa and the teaching staff. The snack with the fruit of the season on the third green day was offered by the Parents’ Committee, which on that occasion also sold seedlings to finance the school.

The #almiomondocitengo project is based on the study of the Agenda 2030 document, which offers an integrated vision of the various dimensions of development, and which analyzed in an interdisciplinary way has a pedagogical value for students with concrete implications, so that young people can engage in greater awareness about living sustainably.

The #almiomondocitengo project is based on the idea of ​​developing awareness of current issues related to sustainable development and the personal contribution that everyone can make to try to live in a better world. Teachers tell us that group work has been preferred for the purpose of promoting interaction between students. A creative approach to the topic was suggested to stimulate curiosity, and original papers were requested to strengthen students’ personalities. In order to create a climate for exchange and participation, last days were organized on the subject of start-up by professionals, on the themes of sustainable and public water, on climate change and on nuclear energy.

The Cairoli students tell about the experience and the results of the green week.

You have worked with the environment, recycling, water saving. What is the theme that interested you the most?

We worked on various topics, among the most interesting and urgent: lack of water, incentives for the use of renewable energy, reduction of world hunger, Turin as a sustainable city and decarbonization.

What do you think is the most urgent environmental disaster?

Today, it is necessary to reduce world hunger, to work for peace, to pollute the oceans less and to tackle climate change also by encouraging renewable energy.

Sea cleaning and waste paper. What were the results of these two operations that you performed directly during the days of the event?

We found various waste in the yard: packets of snacks, chewing gum, candy wrappers, masks, cartons, pens, caps … There is no doubt that it needs to be cleaned again. It is important to help clean, but also not to soil.
We talked the sheets of paper that we smashed one morning and we reflected on the conscious use of paper.

What did the participation of teachers and parents look like for you?

There was great participation from both of them. Without the professors, we probably would not have gotten anywhere. The parents were attracted to the works, they smiled along with those who explained, and they knew how to listen and be patient. The teachers were engaging and were close to us, making us main characters.

What did this experience leave you with?
(a number of students’ answers)

I’m glad I was able to exhibit the works in front of the others.
I liked the quality fruit.
I ate cherries for the first time.
Now I am more aware of wasting less.
I am aware of the separate collection, on waste in general, on energy.
I was not interested right away, so I got excited.
Very useful for understanding the environment.
I have learned to have more respect for objects and plants.
I found the marketing lessons useful.
I understood what our planet’s problems are and that something can be done that involves everyone.
The current situation is very serious and we can all do something.
It made me understand the importance of sustainability and that we could help the planet more.

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