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If it has always been a very tough challenge to orientate oneself in the amount of events arranged during the design week, this is probably more the case for this first, long-awaited edition of “return to normality”, which corresponds to the 60th birthday for the largest furniture fair in the world.the world. The program of events that revolves around this Salone del Mobile, whose theme is sustainability and ecological transition, seems even richer than those from the pre-Covid era. We have selected those that we believe are also of interest to a non-sectoral audience.

Alessi X Abloh, 100-001
Italian design brand Alessi has unveiled a collection of cutlery designed by Virgil Abloh and his London studio Alaska Alaska: a knife, fork and spoon fastened together with a carabiner. The title “Occasional Object” is reminiscent of cutlery typically found in camping backpacks or toolboxes. The collection is presented in the larger exhibition 100-001: The 100 represents the last 100 years of Alessi’s history, while the 001 refers to the first project in its next 100 years, the one with Virgil Abloh. Where is it: Galleria Manzoni, via Alessandro Manzoni 40.

Luca Guadagnino study
In 2016, Oscar-nominated director Luca Guadagnino spoke about T Magazine: «My unknown wish is to become an interior designer». That said, fate: in 2017, he founded Studio Luca Guadagnino, an interior design studio based in Milan. On June 6, SLG will make its debut in Spazio RT, with Next to the fire / By the fire, an installation that includes coffee tables, fireplaces, wood panels produced by Spazio RT, carpets produced by La Manufacture Cogolin and many other precious items. On the occasion of the Salon, SLG has also created two living areas inspired by Carlo Scarpa’s work. Two walls and the ceilings of the rooms are covered with pleated gray velvet, with a technique known as “pleated calico”, a direct reference to the installation designed by Carlo Scarpa in 1953 for an exhibition of paintings by Antonello da Messina in Sicily. Where: Via Fatebenefratelli 34.

Following the success of the special edition of Supersalone in September 2021, the independent design platform Alcova returns to the abandoned spaces, internally and externally, at the Military Hospital Center in Milan. The exhibition event, curated by Joseph Grima from Space Caviar and Valentina Ciuffi from Studio Vedèt, extends throughout the complex’s spaces and aims to provide a stimulating and unprecedented vision of developments in the design world. The premises also host a number of meetings, including that with Forgotten Architecture, l‘collective archive of 20th century architectural projects forgotten or left in the shadows, born on Facebook and raised on Instagram and recently become a book (we talked about it here). That June 7 at 5 pm Where: Via Simone Saint Bon 1.

Palinuro Bar
On Wednesday the 8th, Palinuro Bar, via Paisiello 28, celebrates its birthday with The Natural Wine Company, the wine club in Apartment. For the occasion, the team will serve three mixes made together: a white, a pet-night and an orange. On the occasion of the Salon, Palinuro Bar transforms itself from a natural wine bar into a design container that houses a new collection of unique pieces created by OWL: three lamps made exclusively of alabaster, a noble material and widely used for centuries, by artists from around the world , The Mediterranean, from Karst to North Africa.

Memphis again
Inaugurated before the week with Salone, the Triennale Milano will host a parade of the craziest pieces of furniture in the history of Italian design until June 12, making you regret the carefree eighties and envy those who can afford it (we wrote about this). Curated by Christoph Radl, the exhibition is an immersion in a colorful and bright disco with over two hundred pieces from the collection made by Memphis Milano designers and synth music by Seth Troxle.

In addition to the ongoing exhibitions in the capital (here is everything), the exhibition space Spazio Maiocchi, Artifact, hosts the launch of Capsulesthe new sister release of Kaleidoscope which dives into the design world in its broadest definition. With a set of three covers, the first issue premieres alongside the first version of the Capsule Home collection, a lounge chair designed by the Los Angeles-based Nuova design studio.

Prada frames
On the days when Milan hosts the Salone del Mobile, Prada Frames launches: a multidisciplinary symposium that explores the complex relationship between the natural environment and design. The program is curated by Formafantasma, a design and research studio based in Milan and Rotterdam. Prada Frames reaffirms the progressive and increasingly significant relationship between the environmental issue and all areas of knowledge and culture, and collects the precious contribution of scientists and professionals such as scientists, architects, designers, artists, activists, anthropologists and legal experts. Where is it: Braidense National Library, viat Brera 28.

Laila Gohar Muller Van Severen
Born in Cairo, living in New York, Laila Gohar is loved and very popular in the fashion and art world thanks to her ability to create experiences related to food that mixes design and cuisine, and produces decorative items (often edible) that seem to have come out of dreams. For Salone del Mobile, Gohar and the Belgian designer duo Muller Van Severen present a collaboration inspired by mutual enthusiasm and interest in each other’s work, which results in the presentation of The Pigeon Table, a piece inspired by a conversation about mud brick pigeon houses in Egypt. Where is it: Villa Singer, Little Martyrs Square, 2.

Ikea Festival
Ikea organizes its festival in Base Milano with events, lectures and immersive experiences to explore how our relationship with the home has developed and show how it is possible to improve everyday life. During the week, IKEA explores life at home and its various future forms. The installation Moment – A Life at home exhibitione.g, invites you to discover how the different moments of life are reflected in the way you live the house, and examine the effects on time and space. From the one-family apartment to several generations of common rooms: a story about life at home that talks about people and their relationship to the domestic space. In the evening, Base hosts a number of concerts with international artists, including Ghali and Jamie xx.

The magic box
From 7 to 17 June, in the Sala delle Cariatidi in the Royal Palace, it will be staged The magic box. Eleven words for eleven authors, a site-specific audiovisual installation dedicated to 11 principles that have always been engraved in the DNA of Salone del Mobile and the city of Milan: Emotions, Business, Quality, Project, System, Communication, Culture, Youth, Ingenuity, Milan, Know How. Like many Italian directors will pull in the threads of the story respectively: Francesca Archibugi, Pappi Corsicato, Davide Rampello, Wilma Labate, Bruno Bozzetto, Luca Lucini, Claudio Giovannesi, Gianni Canova, Donato Carrisi, Daniele Ciprì, Stefano Mordini. The staging will offer a monumental “dark space”, which draws inspiration from the visionary and imaginative world of optical devices before the cinema, and which will host a show in 3 acts.

Valentino Vintage / Phase 2
Maison Valentino presents a special takeover in the historic Milanese boutique Madame Pauline to invite you to discover the second phase of Valentino Vintage, an ecological initiative that encourages owners of vintage clothing to give them a new life. The project was born in October last year with a dedicated collection and will continue in this second phase with a new deal that will see the takeover of four famous stores that will host the Valentino Vintage range for a limited period from the 7th June: Madame Pauline Vintage, Milan, The Vintage Dress, Tokyo, New York Vintage, New York, Resurrection Vintage, Los Angeles.

Explore the Cappellini Multiverse Exhibition
Cappellini is open to experimentation and anticipation of future living scenarios. The exhibition is a set of dreamlike projects born of the free creativity of the international students at Istituto Marangoni and from the multicultural comparison between their personal experience and the great tradition of Italian design. Where is it: Istituto Marangoni Milano Design, via Cerva, 24.

Layered transparency exhibition
The first geo-located augmented reality exhibit created with Custom Landmarker technology by the School of Design at the Istituto Marangoni Milano in collaboration with Snapchat. A selection of projects created by the students on the product design courses have been virtually placed in the streets of the Durini Design District and can now be visited by spectators in various outdoor locations by scanning the special Snapchat that allows you to see the projects through the app. by Snapchat. Where is it: Via Santa Cecilia, Via Durini, Via Cerva.

You will not have the space you want to fill it
Marsèll Paradise hosts the latest site-specific project by curator and designer Matylda Krzykowski. Born in Poland but raised in Germany, Matylda Krzykowski teaches, plans, designs and writes about physical and digital space. His latest project, a study of the perception of space in contemporary culture, is also the first to occupy the entire surface of Marsèll Paradise, the Milanese multidisciplinary space of the Venetian footwear brand Marsèll, via Privata Rezia 2, which continues in his experimental path between art and design. You Do Not Want Space, You Want To Fill It is at the same time an exhibition, an installation and a social place.

Nina Yashar mixed generations, styles and nationalities, created a dialogue between established names and young avant-garde talents, and staged a design show. The new exhibits at Nilufar Depot include installations by Martino Gamper, Ashley Hicks + Osanna Visconti + Gabriella Crespi, Andres Reisinger, Bethan Laura Wood and FAR curated by Studio Vedet with installation of Space Caviar, among many others. Also presented are creations by Martino Gamper, Flavie Audi, Federica Perazzoli and Andrea Zucchi for the Reborn Project, promoted by Ginori 1735 and curated by Frédéric Chambre in collaboration with Nilufar Gallery. Where: viale Lancetti 34.

Courtyard Series
Courtyard Series is a design project and at the same time a new online platform curated by the duo of interior designers and artists Andrea Vásquez Medina and Iris Roth. On the occasion of the first release, Serie A, Andrea and Iris start their research from the pillars and totems of classical Greek and Latin architecture, together with the common vision of form and function in continuous development that a simple detail can generate. Launched on the occasion of Fuori Salone, the collection presents a first selection of stand-alone objects that arise from the use of various formats of modern columns.

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