What it is and how to participate in the Summer School Plan

Piano Scuola Estate 2022 - Photo by Artem Podrez from PexelsThe summer school is back, the plan that the Ministry of Education has developed to give students the opportunity to restore sociality and strengthen their skills. This year, there is also a special focus dedicated to the reception and inclusion of young people arriving from Ukraine.

PNRR calls for schools

After the success last year Summer plan for the school it will also be renewed for 2022. The initiative, which this year will count for almost 300 million euros, represents an opportunity to involve students from June to September in pedagogical workshops for the next school year.

“We wanted to make the structural plan stay, to put our students, our students and families at the center, with the aim of making our schools a ‘second home’ for children and young people who are able to welcome each and every one welcome. own terms, “says the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi.

The proposals, developed throughout the territory based on the needs and resources of each institution, aim to socialize, welcome, strengthen and strengthen skills linguistic, disciplinary and social of children. The details, methods of using the resources and the objectives of the plan were revealed through a operational ministerial note.

How does the summer school plan 2022 work?

Participation in summer activities is voluntary for students and their families as well as for the staff at the educational institutions.

The school plan Summer 2022 is divided into three phases:

  • Phase I – June: dedicated to reinforcement and to competence development disciplinary and relational, with workshops, group activities and with special attention to the reception, integration and language reading skills of young Ukrainians;
  • Phase II – July and August: contexts of ‘open school‘,’ outdoor school ‘, territorial community spaces;
  • Phase III – September, until the start of teaching: for knowledge of peer groups in school contexts and accompaniment of female students against new school year.

Schools open in summer and reception for Ukrainian students

New this year is the introduction to the activity plan to promote acceptance, inclusion and involvement of students arriving from Ukraine. Among the proposed activities, intensification of teaching Italian, the use of school premises and computers for possible lessons in DAD organized by Ukrainian teachers.

Furthermore, unaccompanied foreign minors can be involved in further projects: from recreational-creative activities to group and individual sports and motor activities, but also citizenship and digital educational activities, integration activities in the territory, orientation towards work and academic studies.

Ukraine emergency, initiatives and means of reception of refugees

School, the resources available for the Summer 2022 plan

The resource package available to the schools constitutes over 280 million euros. The total allocation consists of 179 million from the European funds from PON for schools 2014-2020, about 99 million from PON funds through projects already nominated and approved by the schools, 2 million from support for relationality to prevention and contrast to the phenomenon of cyberbullying, and finally, around 700 thousand euros have been set aside for the involvement of unaccompanied foreign minors.

Additional funds arise at the option of expand and redirect already funded projects, to September through collaborations with associations, foundations, third sector bodies. Among these, the proposals within the national ‘School Renewal’ plan for ecological and cultural change and the activities within the protocols signed by the Dicastery with the Ministries of Culture and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers responsible for sport can be activated. .

Accompanying measures for the Summer School Plan

Inside the platform Accounting Administrative Help Desk a section entitled ‘Summer School 2022’ will be set up to provide assistance for the planning, management and reporting of summer activities: a free service dedicated to school leaders, directors of general and administrative services and administrative assistants through which it is possible to find supporting documentation for the initiative, such as operating instructions for the use of the various loans, frequently asked questions, materials and also to talk to the Administration through specific requests for assistance.

In continuity with last year, there is also the opportunity to resort to ‘IDEArium’ servicea tool to make crowdfunding transparent that will support institutions in the possible further search for resources from private supporters, companies and other collective bodies to finance the Property Plan.

On the ministry’s website, there is a section dedicated to the Summer Plan, where you can find all the funding initiatives made available to educational institutions and useful information for students and families. Furthermore, it will be possible to be updated on the activities in the Plan by followinghashtag #lascuoladestate: a story with the institutes, girls and boys who will participate in the projects.

PNRR, the means of developing the ITS system

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