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Nearly 80,000 professorships are missing out on the appeal of the reopening of schools in September. Also in terms of retirement, there are actually 29,000 professors to be employed in high schools, 24,000 in middle school and 20,000 teachers in primary school, while there is a shortage of at least 5,000 teachers in state kindergartens. Therefore, for Anief, the national association of teachers and coaches rattling off the numbers, the 60-63 thousand recruitments announced for this year by Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi (“They will rise to 70 thousand in 2024,” the minister explained last week on the sidelines of Festival of Economics in Turin), will not be enough.

Anief: vacant chairs are three times the stated

But the alarm from Anief tells of vastly different numbers. Our research department – said National President Marcello Pacifico – has calculated that the professorships one can hire because they are actually open are double, but more likely tripled compared to the 60,000 that the Minister of Education has announced. Furthermore, within these figures, only a small proportion of the places are reserved for tutors. The majority, at least 60,000 other special teacher chairs, remain exempt until 30 June, even though they do not actually have a holder and can therefore rightfully be allocated to staff.

Order of the European Court of Justice

According to Pacific, the new rules provided for in Legislative Decree No. 36 will not bring any results if not divisions and tensions that the school does not need. The same ruling from the European Court of Justice on the teacher card speaks for itself: The courts, the EU as well as ours, are changing the register of discrimination against insecure workers. To continue to keep a teacher insecure – the trade unionist concludes – when there is a place to hire him and every year a practice destined to quit is sent to substitute teaching.

The competitions and the high number of failures

The Ministry’s hopes all in the competitions launched in recent months (from the announcement of the basic subjects to the general for childhood and primary school, and for the high schools in I and II grade) and on those that are about to leave to award the places left uncovered. ‘Last year. The goal of closing the match this summer. But it will not be easy given the high failure rate, especially in Stem, where 90% were not admitted to the oral, with related controversies and appeals announced. Some issues were considered too technical or outside the ministerial teaching program, while some commission decisions seemed absurd, such as preventing teachers from using pen and paper to do mathematical calculations.

The new recruitment system

In short, the massive use of insecure workers also seems to see staggering numbers for the next school year. In addition, the mechanism for the three bands in the Provincial Temporary Rankings for Temporary Workers (GPS) will not be withdrawn for two or three years when the new recruitment and training system provided for in Legislative Decree 36 of 30 April 2022 is due to enter into force. . The text allows for a possible path, given by the degree plus 60 points and concluded with a written and an oral test with simulated lesson, it leads to a national public competition, held on a regional or interregional basis with written, oral test and evaluation of qualifications , followed by a probationary period of one year with final examination and final evaluation.

Trade union criticism

The text of the decree was handed over to the Senate with a view to transposition into law, which triggered the strike for all unions and the resignation of the consultant for relations with trade unions and for the management of the contract with Minister Bianchi. The main criticisms identified by the acronyms relate to the lack of measures guaranteeing access to qualifications for substitutes with 3 years of employment, excess examinations and the method of gaining access to qualifying courses during the three-year or master’s degree. which encourages students to enroll in online universities to achieve 60 points quickly and easily. A system that will favor a new securities market for the unions.

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