‘We are a family that wants more beginnings’

Marino Vieri speaks on 055Firenze, between the young line and the desire to restart: ‘Boys ready physically and mentally’

Here we are. It’s the week of historic football. Three years later, we return to a complete edition, with all four colors in play. Between difficulties and great desire to perform a show. Opening the 2022 tournament will be a great ‘classic’, Azzurri-Bianchi, scheduled for Friday, June 10th. “With Azzurri, it’s always ‘The match’ for us“, He says at 055 Florence Marino Vieri, captain of the Bianchi di Santo Spirito until this year, when he has handed over the ‘rudder’ to David Cappelletti, while they are back to coordinate many activities in the color that go far beyond the sand of Santa Croce.

“It was not an approach like the others, because we come from two years break and the pandemic has affected us, just like everyone else“, Continue We are in to our microphones. “Starting training again was not easy, fortunately we have a gym and a group that lives historical football all year round.. But these two years have certainly undermined the discourse of being together, seeing each other, training, on the mental and physical level.

However, there is a great desire to be there, to return to play. With a ‘youth line’ on the horizon: “Yes, I believe that historic football, even after these two years, can lead to a rejuvenation of those who play. We are always aware of this line, I hope the other colors can follow the same direction as well. We have an idea about the game, we always line up to play, unlike others who might make the line in the middle of the field. There will be in our ranks Divesi Beginnings “.

The 2022 tournament comes after the last edition, where only Azzurri and Verdi had played: “We expressed our disappointment, last year you should not have played, we were in the middle of a pandemic and there were different kinds of problems “, he continues Marino Vieri on 055Firenze.it. “It was a version that it could have been avoided, no one liked it, also saw that it was worldwide and we did not go out as well as a tradition. But it is also a lesson for those who have played, who will have realized that it could not go on. This year there is a special responsibility, a reboot edition “.

In recent times for Marino Vieri, there has been a handover at the top of the whites: “Yes, I was captain until this year, we decided to make a change, although I will continue to manage the various activities that I have done it. far In my place is there David Cappelletti, former football player who brought me to the whites. A beautiful thing, one transfer. My cycle as captain is over and I feel like I can give so much to Color while staying in a different role. “

A strong bond between Marino Vieri and the whites. The first game was played in Santa Croce in 2000, the role of captain since 2015. It is a very strong sense of belonging: “Yes, as there is among us all. One thing unique. Everyone controls their color as they please, however we feel like a big family, a sense of belonging that comes from a passion that binds us together but that also leads to incredible friendships. We always manage to invest a lot of time in the whites, trying to lend a hand socially, to have a reference point for many guys. Also the opening of the gym in Piazza del Carmine is a strong signal to the neighborhood: a gym open to all, we offer courses for children and the elderly. We try to have an inclusive membership. When you first play with your peers, you commit to life. We want to be connected to each other for life, it is a unique and cross-cutting thing.

Finally one forecast: who do you see as the favorite for this tournament? “The favorites are always the winners of the last tournament, for me they are Rossi because last year’s game, with credit to Azzurri for the victory it was special: when all four colors do not play, it is not a real tournament. For me, we stopped by 2019, and Rossi it was they who showed young and strong boys and girls on the playground. It is the team that may have opened a cycle. We feel ready, but we have a strong team of athletic and mentally prepared guys. After two years off and after last year’s match that weakened Azzurri and Verdi due to suspensionsthat is a good question. Azzurri-Bianchi will be a real and difficult match, Verdi-Rossi I doubt it can be a demanding match given the many absences of the Greens. With the Reds who could get even more ‘fresh’ to the final “.

Marco Pecorini


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