Ukraine, Children’s Councilor: “War pains will never leave them”

“THAT Ukrainian children they not only suffer physical injuries: their psychological state and their inner world, even if they have not suffered physical trauma, will no longer be the same as before the conflict. “He declares this to Adnkronos Darya Herasymchukadviser to the chairman ofUkraine for the rights of the child and the rehabilitation of children.

The latest bulletin published by the Kyiv Attorney General’s Office talks about 263 children killed and 467 wounded from the beginning of war in Ukrainebut “these are obviously not exact figures, because we do not yet know the exact number of dead and injured children in the temporarily occupied areas”, emphasizes Herasymchukreporting that “according to the Ministry of Health, as of 30 May, 515 children were in need of treatment for injuries, trauma, traffic accidents or other types, as a result of hostilities or occurred during the evacuation. Of these, 191 are still in hospital. More than half of The children in need of treatment (51%) were between the ages of 7 and 14. 92% of the injuries they sustained were caused by detonation by explosive devices or by firearms.A total of 19 children underwent amputations of limbs “.

Besides children killed or injured, even all of them “left without parents, without family, without home, without friends and without a normal childhood are children who need help right now”. A situation where “all of them Ukrainian childrenbecause they have all suffered in this conflict. “The minors fled from war in Ukraine and who fled abroad are “a significant number, about 2 million”, says Zelensky’s councilor.

In particular – he adds – “Italy has welcomed more than 150,000 Ukrainian citizens, of whom over 36.6 thousand are children. A share equivalent to about 1.8% of minors who went abroad, both accompanied by parents, both in organized groups. Herasymchukwho at the end of April took part in the monitoring visit to Poland, Italy and Germany, where “we were able to visit many institutions where our children are welcome”, “thanks” the governments and people of the Italian Republic and all the countries who have welcomed Ukrainian women and children for all the closeness, warmth and humanity they showed our citizens “.

“Today, for the first time, together with the whole world, we face many challenges, including a large-scale migration, where a large number of people are seeking temporary shelter. And it is a challenge not only forUkrainebut also for the countries that welcome these people ”, emphasizes the Councilor for the Rights of the Child and explains that there is a big difference between those who emigrate permanently and those who do so on a temporary basis, such as. Ukrainian refugeeswho in addition to being “traumatized by it warthey want to go home and every day they wait for information to finally be able to do so. “Therefore, the assurance is that” we as a Ukrainian state will do everything to ensure that every little Ukrainian goes home after the victory “.

Kiev is also involved in the recovery and repatriation of minors who are in Russia or in the areas controlled by Moscow. “According to information received from available sources, at least 234,000 children crossed between 18 February and 21 May 2022 fromUkraine the border to Russia or the territories of the so-called People’s Republics. Most of them were deported or forcibly transferred, ”he explains Darya Herasymchuk.

The fear is that the expulsion will be followed up byadoption. “We know that the Russian Federation simplifies the procedure, but without the permission of the competent bodyUkraineRussian citizens can not adopt Ukrainian children “, emphasizes Zelensky’s adviser, who, referring to Article 21 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, also ratified by Moscow, and to the Kiev Family Law, states that” the adoption of Ukrainian children as they prepare on Russia it is illegal”.

Zelensky’s adviser appeals to all, so that “when it is discovered that a child has been forcibly transferred to a temporarily occupied or deported area (in Russiared) contact the National Information Office on prisoners of war, deported and missing persons ”.Ukraine through the toll-free number 1648 or from abroad by calling +38 (044) 287-81-65.

“There war is a great pain, as each Ukrainian children will have to live together forever “, concludes the Councilor for the Rights of the Child and asks the countries that host refugee children” to be tolerant of them because they have seen with their own eyes what a child must never see and felt , what a child should never try. ”

(by Alice Bellincioni)

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