Traveling ribbon cutting for “Chiantissimo”: the modern art villages open in the Florentine Chianti

CHIANTI FIORENTINO – If in San Casciano new colored banners are waved at the lampposts at the crossroads in the historic center, where free sentences of an “inexpressible” poem, crafted by an artificial intelligence that stimulates and relies on human creativity, stand out suspended in the observer’s air, free to reassemble them according to his own sensitivity, in the Count in Chianti, the San Francesco Museum welcomes contemporary ceramic adaptations of San Sebastiano’s figure.

And in Barberino Tavarnelle, the spirituality one breathes at the entrance to the San Michele Arcangelo Chapel in Semifonte is accentuated by a few monumental works created with rust dust, a symbol of the fragility of the human condition.

With his work on site Chromatic numbera mixed group of artists and researchers in the field of neuroscience from Rome, reinterprets the concept of medieval tradition associated with flags.

Berliners Thomas Lange sets up an exhibition itinerary in the Grevigiano Museum that deals with the theme of the sacred.

Umbraen Valentina Palazzari brings to the magical lands of the lost city of Semifonte his myth, the love of heavy materials, steel, iron and rust, symbol of the transience of life, the interior of Valdelsa Cathedral.

The Florentine Chianti seeks and finds new paths, new languages ​​to experiment with, innovate, trigger a dialogue between architecture and landscape, ancient and contemporary, promote the close bond that art and history can cross, giving life to a new destiny for the landscape .

In one of the most famous territories in the world, characterized by the work of the country and its distinctive rural identity, with typical productions, contemporary art arrives in style.

The “Chiantissimo” container for contemporary art, promoted by the municipality of San Casciano in collaboration with the municipalities of Greve in Chianti and Barberino Tavarnelle.

The project that in the board of trustees for Davide SarchioniSupported by Fiammetta Poggin, suggests six artistic settlements, between site-specific and exhibition routes in the Florentine Chianti, reaches its second experience after the success last year, which had revisited some places of interest in San Casciano in a modern key.

“The artistic ideas – explains curator Davide Sarchioni – stem from a careful study of the territory from the reflections and urgings of the authors, who reread the public spaces and create works that boldly measure themselves against the buildings and structures, the goal it seeks. dream of a possible future with contemporary art, look beyond tradition, without respecting it, give new life and produce different keys to using the urban and monumental material. “

This is the case with the Florentine Flavio Favelli who intervened on the entrance wall to the Stianti car park in San Casciano.

With a work that offers alternative visions of the concept of the label on wine and spirits bottles.

You hate Gabriella CianciminoSicilian artist whose intervention has generated a new identity in the vaulted ceiling of San Casciano’s municipal library.

Even the Niccolini Theater in San Casciano has lived an experience near and far in terms of its usual public functions and methods of use.

Vincenzo Marseilleoriginally from Puglia, has reconstructed its visual and emotional skeleton using the digital potential of augmented reality.

Revisiting and recreating the structural characteristics of the theater with the projections of a special holographic lens has produced an unprecedented viewing path that will be visible in a video by Vincenzo Marsiglia that will be released soon.

The locations, the content, the scenes in “Chiantissimo”, which takes place in three different moments, between July and September, are open until 30 September.

“The artists have carried out several inspections in search of the special conditions of our territory, of possible connections with the historical, cultural and environmental context, before realizing their works in situ, they have deepened their knowledge of the rich cultural heritage that characterizes Chianti” comments the mayors Roberto Ciappi, Paolo Sottani And David Baroncelli.

“They have tested its history – they continue – the iconic power, and it is such an itinerary was born with a focus on the contemporary dialectic that attributes contemporary potential to the ancient villages of San Casciano, Greve and Barberino Tavarnelle, which translate into modern open centers of artistic experimentation for language pollution, new cultural paths that map existing works and welcome new interventions that reflect the present, tools to explore the future of art as a means of communication and sharing “.

Organized by the TerraMedia Association, the “Chiantissimo” event is also sponsored by the Metropolitan City of Florence in collaboration with the Pro Loco of San Casciano and is realized thanks to the support of ChiantiBanca.

The municipal authorities and the organization of “Chiantissimo” thank La Pia in the Percussina farm, La Canigiana farm, the restaurant Da Nello, the Airo association, Antica Dolce for their active support and valuable cooperation.Forneria di San Casciano, the leisure club La Rampa di Tavarnelle, Pro Loco Achu Barberino Val d’Elsa, Bar ‘I Poggio Circolo Filarmonica Verdi i San Donato i Poggio.

The map indicating the artistic routes to discover the works of “Chiantissimo” is available on web tools and social channels, accompanied by updates on the various events that will gradually take place in the area.



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