“This Human Heart”: Ctb prose season of the cultural year

Brescia. The 49th “Prose Season” at the Bresciano Theater Center, the backbone of the great goal of the Capital of Culture 2023, was presented.
Of the 40 shows scheduled in the review “This human heart”, 20 are the signed productions CTB, for over 130 performances in Teatro Sociale and Teatro Mina Mezzadri.
Over 200 performances in total for the Brescia audience and 2 contemporary theater reviews.

2023 is set to be a crucial year for Brescia’s history, which along with Bergamo will be Italian Capital of Culture. An illuminated city, this is the theme for 2023, where the Prose season is the mainstay.
There are 20 production shows on the 2022/2023 Billboard, distributed in “Prose Season”, “Other Paths”, in the review “In space and time”. “Contemporary theater gym” and in “Beyond the subscription”: The grocery store in Venice, As you want me, Latter of Joy, A midsummer night’s dream, We will be happy, but who knows when, If we told the truth, The black, red, blue , The Race Behind the Wind, Oylem Goylem, Mary Queen, Free all !, In full light, Don Juan, Our souls at night, Fairytale, the Macbeths, The Tamer, Boston Marriage, Hiroshima mon amour added Il Sociale dei bambini .

Twenty productions for over 130 performances between Teatro Sociale and Teatro Mina Mezzadri, a symbol of an ever stronger and more recognized production capacity on the Italian theater stage.

“Open Theater”, the project conceived and curated by Elisabetta Pozzi, with Marco Archetti’s artistic advice reaches its sixth edition this year thanks to the growing interest and affection of the public. The primary purpose of the review is to learn and discover contemporary dramaturgy with the audience and present the best unpublished texts by Italian and foreign writers today in the form of a stage reading.
Main characters in the readings – along with Elisabetta Pozzi – big names in Italian theater and young actors among the most interesting on the local and national stage.

As usual, spectators are actually asked to express their assessments, comments and feelings to the texts presented through review cards, in a convincing collective path of dialogue and comparison that will lead to the definition of one or more winning texts.
The reported texts will have the opportunity to be produced in the coming seasons – as was the case for Apologia and Guards at the Taj – or presented in the form of a mise en espace.

Also this year, the Bresciano Theater Center is inaugurating a special proposal for children and families that offers them an experience to discover the social theater of Brescia with the initiative “Il Sociale dei Bambini”.
Designed to bring young generations closer to theatrical art, “Il Sociale dei Bambini” is an interactive and eventful path that takes participants through the halls, changing rooms, the stage and the hidden corners of a historic place in our city’s cultural history.

The show “In Search of the Perfect Adventure. At the court of Prof. Propp “ will make the little spectators live an adventure, a theatrical play, through which they will be guided by a unique guide, Prof. Propp. The famous Russian scholar – who codified the fable mechanism – will explain to them the secrets of the fairy tale, the characters and their functions. It will on stage call the protagonists of the most famous stories of Perrault, Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, who will magically come to life along with new favorites of contemporary fairy tales such as Harry Potter and Willy Wonka. In this fun game, children will be led to identify with the story until they become actors and an integral part of the stage action, thus experiencing the magic of theater and storytelling.

For all information and to know the cost of tickets and tickets: www.centroteatralebresciano.it.

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