the over 1600 students enrolled in the project were awarded

The educational project and the relatives’ competition “Sustainable development and food education”, promoted by Coldiretti Donne Impresa and Coldidattica in collaboration with the regional school office, which involved over 1600 students from kindergartens, were successfully completed. to Parma High School and High School Province. The award ceremony, with a broad participation of teachers and school leaders, crowned – mediates Coldiretti Parma – an intense year of activity involving children and young people in training sessions on healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and sustainability, on knowledge of territory with its typical products, on reading labels , waste control, water and climate change, precision agriculture, circular economy and biogas. There are many excursions in the educational farms with the agricultural entrepreneurs in Coldiretti Donne Impresa Parma as protagonists and several training meetings in the Campagna Amica markets to learn about seasonality and the cultivation and processing processes for the products. The exhibition of the school works, all of the highest level, set up ad hoc for the occasion, was the occasion for another moment of study and comparison between the schools’ different experiences. The introductory greeting was brought by the director of Coldiretti Parma Marco Orsi, who highlighted this year’s novelty: guided tours and meetings with some important bodies such as the Parma Agricultural Consortium and the Parma Reclamation Consortium. President Nicola Bertinelli thanked the teachers for their commitment, emphasizing the importance of the theme of nutrition. “Food – he said – is a fundamental element in conditioning and improving the quality of life, and it is important that our children are aware that agricultural activity is a food-producing activity.” The head of the province of Coldiretti, Donne Impresa Mara Pratissioli, when he greeted the agricultural entrepreneurs, proudly emphasized the validity of the project “for its cultural and educational purpose and for the consequences – she emphasized – very positive in the schools, which every year they are more and more.” “The collaboration between the Provincial Scholastic Office and Coldiretti Parma – said Professor Elisabetta Zanichelli of the Provincial Scholastic Office in bringing the greetings of Provveditore Maurizio Bocedi – has been consolidated for years and the participation of schools has grown exponentially, making us all very proud of this competition” . This was followed by interventions by Maria Adelia Zana for Coldidattica and the representatives of the project partner organizations: the Agricultural Consortium in Parma, the Parma Consortium, the Parmigiano Reggiano section in Parma, the Food Museums and Credit Agricole Italia. The winners and the different sections of the winners were then announced, which is why the reasons were presented by Paola Ferrari Coldiretti, provincial coordinator of the school project. They were winners of the competition for kindergartens, the “Don Milani” school in Fidenza IA-IB; for primary schools “Beatrix Potter” school in BasilicagoianoIA-IB-IIA-IIB-IIIA-IIIB-IVA-VA-VB; for middle schools, Vicini di Parma IC-IE school; for high schools Liceo Scientifico Marconi in Parma IS.


The Food Museum’s prize was awarded to the kindergarten “Suor Anna del Salvatore” in Albareto, single department. Special awards for originality, ingenuity, creativity for schools: “Rodari” kindergarten in Fidenza SezA; primary school in Trecasali / Roncocampoccaneto IV-IV; Elementary School for Felegara and S.Andrea Bagni IIA-IIA; “Pezzani” elementary school in Noceto IVE, “Frasalimbene” middle school in Parma IIC-IID; Marconi Scientific High School in Parma IIIi; Itas Bocchialini from Parma IIID. Special references for originality to the primary school S. Leonardo IA-IB-IIA-IIB-IIIA-IIIB-VA and Micheli di Parma IIIA-IIIB-IIIC-VB-VC; Elementary School “Romagnosi” by Salsomaggiore Terme VF-VG; Itas Bocchialini di Parma IIIF: Special Announcements for the Thematic News and Graphic Creation at the Tarsogno Kindergarten; Medesano IVB Elementary School; Elementary School of Torrechiara V. Recommendations for articles on the topic of water: Elementary School of Baganzola IIA-IIB, Elementary School Convitto Maria Luigia from Parma ID; Paciolo D’Annuzio High School and Fidenza IVC; Itas Bocchialini from Parma IIF.

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