The new Lambretta G350 Special and X300 at Milano Design Week – News

Two models launched on the occasion of the brand’s 75th anniversary, the Heritage to the future exhibition and the Lambretta meeting on 8 June. Prices from 5,900 euros

June 7, 2022

Lhe reborn Lambretta has chosen the stage at Milan Design Week to create an original launch event.

In the heart of Brera Districtkey place for Fuorisaloneit is thus possible to see not only the scooter, but also models of the past in the suggestive landscape offered by the small convent of the Church of San Simpliciano. That collection Lambretta.

None.2022 falls on 75th anniversary since the first Lambretta rolled off the assembly line in 1947. Lambrettas quickly became famous for their constructive originality and ride quality, competing with the various Vespas.

Thanks to a precise front and centrally mounted engine, it convinced many scooter riders, it was often more powerful, sporty and faster than its competitors, and for this reason it created an important space. celebrate these 75 years, Lambretta and Lambretta Museum – the one curated by the super expert Vittorio Tessera have joined forces to create an installation, ie open to the public in the week of Fuorisalone 2022.

Among the models on display is the first Lambretta, the BUT)designed by Cesare Pallavicino for the frame part and by Pier Lugi Torre for the mechanical part, then the American actress Jane Mansfield’s golden scooter and the model 225 strokes capable of exceeding 170 km / h.

THATinfinite | Legacy for the future is the theme of show. A representation of the symbol of infinity is the theater of iconic models from the past, present and new models, and for the first time all models are presented together.

Black and white images of the convent gallery pay homage to Lambretta’s birth. Another hundred colored pictures, placed at the top, represent the Lambretta world and are close to the ancient frescoes on the ceiling of the monastery. Finally, the new X300 and G350 stand out in the center of the installation.

G350 Special

Lto G-Special, abbreviation G350, was exhibited for the first time at EICMA 2019 under the name G325 Special. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the development and therefore its launch was significantly delayed. After increasing the engine’s displacement, the G325 became the G350.

It is a premium model and represents the top of the current V-Special series. The concept and design, by Walter Scheffrahn and Peter Beselinis inspired by the classic Lambrette designs of the past.

Its dimensions are important and it is the model with the highest displacement in the category of high-end classics.
It boasts the most classic and monocoque steel frame with the famous interchangeable side panels that respect the house’s most authentic tradition.

There is no shortage of the typical front suspension with towed wheel oscillating arm and dual shock absorber, dual channel ABS, full LED headlights and TFT display.

THATThe 4-stroke 1-cylinder engine has a displacement of 330 cc, liquid-cooled and four valve heads. The power is off 25.8 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and the torque is 25.5 Nm at 6,250 rpm.
The Lambretta G350 has 12-inch wheels, 240 mm diameter disc brakes and a wheelbase of 1,400 mm. The dry weight is declared in 173 kg. Its entry into production is expected at the end of 2022, and the price is set indicative in 7,200 euros.


Lto Lambretta X, signed X300, comes with a completely different design and expects a new series. Its forms were born out of a concept devised by Walter Scheffrahnthe President of Lambretta.

The X has tight and angular lines, reminiscent of some stylistic features from the past. That steel sides they have versatile tops and are held in place fender fixed front (released from the wheel) characteristic of the Lambretta.

The frame is tubular in steel with a steel half connecting footboards, shields and sides. The original front wheel suspension with support arm a has been confirmed wheels pulled and the dual shock absorber; there are dual-channel ABS, full LED headlights, the keyless start system and Bosch electronic injection.

In this case, the engine has stroke volume 275 cc, it’s still a liquid-cooled 4-stroke with four-valve timing. The power is off 24.8 hp at 8,250 rpm and maximum torque is stated in 24.5 Nm at 6,250 rpm.
The 12-inch wheels are held back by a 220 mm disc at the front and 219 mm at the rear; the tank holds 7 liters, the wheelbase is 1,370 mm and the weight is stated in 165 kg dry.
The X300 will also go into production at the end of the year and will have an approximate price of 5,900 euros. in 45 countries, Lambretta is based in Lugano, while its administrative activity is based near London.

The new X and G-Special is the result of an industrial collaboration with Thai branch. Lambretta is also preparing its arrival in the Indian market by partnering with the Bird Group: the first flagship store will be operational in New Delhi by the end of the year.

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