The best Chinese electric cars available in Italy

That the electric car market it is constantly evolving, and in addition to the historic brands in the four-wheel drive sector, there are also other brands that are making room in what is essentially a new segment of the car market. Thus, among the many options for motorists there are also Chinese electric cars.

These are models produced by Chinese brands and also marketed in Europe and Italy, in some cases with the support of local companies for reassembly of components or distribution in Western markets. For these companies, the goal is to conquer an increasingly important space in a rapidly growing sector of our country. During 2021in fact, they have been sold more than 67 thousand electric cars in Italy with an annual increase of + 107%.

Growth margins are significant (even 2022, with or without incentives, will record significant sales volumes for electricity in Italy) and there is no shortage of companies targeting this new sector. Chinese electric cars are therefore destined, at least for the next few years, to represent a concrete alternative to choosing a zero-emission model.

The various Chinese brands will try to take advantage of the proliferation of electric cars to significantly enter the European market and also the Italian one, and propose themselves as alternatives to European and American brands. Already today, there are several options to keep an eye on for those looking for a new electric car that can combine good performance, high autonomy, a high level of technology and an affordable price, according to industry standards.

Let’s see what they are the best Chinese electric cars available in Italy.


Among the best Chinese electric cars available in our country, there is room for one of the latest innovations in the zero-emission car sector to enter the Italian market. This is MG ZS EV. The historic British brand MG, which this year reaches its first 100 years of history, is part of the Chinese giant SAIC engine. MG ZS EV compact SUV comes from China.

The model has all the necessary prerequisites to create a significant place in the Italian market for four-wheel engines. It is a Compact SUV (4323 x 1809 x 1649 mm are the dimensions) characterized by a contained mass (starting from 1570 kg) and a technical sector of great interest. At the bottom of the project there is an electric motor from 156 hp and 260 Nm of maximum torque combined with the front axle. The top speed is 175 km / h, while 0-100 km / h takes 8.6 seconds (3.6 seconds to reach 50 km / h).

Chinese electric cars Chinese electric cars Chinese electric cars Chinese electric cars Chinese electric cars

The system is supported by a 61.1 kWh battery which guarantees an autonomy of 440 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. This is the “long range” version of the SUV, which in 2022 will also be able to count on a “standard range” variant with a 50.3 kWh and autonomy of 320 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. For recharging, there is support for fast AC charging with the 11 kW three-phase built-in charger.

Level 2 MG Pilot autonomous driving system is already available with the basic Comfort version. The range starts from kl 33,490 euros for the standard version while for Long the price list starts from 37,990 euros. For the most demanding customers, there is Luxury set-up, which entails an additional cost of 1,500 euros. It is possible to choose between five colors for the body, but there are no options to supplement the equipment. In 2021, the ZS EV reached a total of 142 registered units.

EVO 3 electric

Part of the Italian group, DR Automobiles, EVO bil retains the same philosophy from the DR brand, which provides for the import of car components from China and then reassembly in Italy under license. This is howEVO 3 electric, small compact SUV representing a redesign, with some minor changes up front and a few other details, of a similar model proposed in China by the brand JAC.

EVO 3 Electric is a compact crossover (4.13 x 1.75 x 1.58 meters with a total mass close to 1,500 kg) that aims to create space in the electric mobility sector with zero emissions in Italy thanks to a good relationship between content and price. The model in question is equipped with front-wheel drive and a 116 HP and 270 Nm of torque. The performance is not great with a top speed of 130 km / h and 0-100 km / h acceleration completed in 12 seconds (but it takes 4.5 seconds to reach 50 km / h).

Chinese electric cars

It’s better in terms of autonomy. The battery from 40 kWh that is enough to guarantee a maximum range of 300 kilometers (by activating the EVO mode. With fast charging, it is possible to go from 15% to 80% charging in about 40 minutes. The car is available with a single equipment level, as well as in a single technical configuration, but with the option to integrate the equipment with an extra package.

EVO 3 Electric is available in Italy with a list price of 36,600 euros. During 2021, 43 copies of the car were registered in Italy.


MG also offers MG MARVEL R. It is an SUV with larger dimensions (4.67 x 1.91 x 1.61 meters) than the ZS. The model caters to a more demanding clientele who are willing to spend thousands of euros more on the purchase of a Chinese electric car. In the Italian market, MARVEL R is available in three configurations. In addition to the Comfort and Luxury versions, there is also the version Performance.

The two basic configurations can count on an engine off 180 hp and 410 Nm while for the Performance version there is a system Tri-engine with four-wheel drive able to guarantee, overall, 288 HP power and 665 Nm of torque. For all three versions, the maximum speed is 200 km / h, while 0-100 km / h acceleration is completed in 7.9 seconds of the individual electric motor versions and in 4.9 seconds of Performance. On the autonomy side, we find a 70 kWh battery for all variants.

Chinese electric cars

The range gives customers more choices. MG MARVEL R starts from 40,900 euros (+5 thousand euros for the luxury and +10 thousand euros for the performance, which offers a richer gift). Smaller margins in terms of body colors with only three options available for all configurations. In 2021, MG’s top model registered 17 units registered in Italy, a result already achieved within a few weeks of 2022.

Aiways U5

Another model to keep an eye on, in the segment of Chinese electric cars available in Italy, is Aiways U5, SUV made by Aiways Automobiles Company, a Chinese startup founded by a former Volvo manager in 2017. The model arrived in Italy in 2021 thanks to the Koelliker Group, an importer of several Asian brands such as Mitsubishi and SsangYong. Aiways U5 has what it takes to create a prominent place in the sector.

Also in this case we are facing one SUV with important dimensions (4.68 x 1.86 x 1.7 meters with a total mass of 1,770 kilos) and front-wheel drive. Aiways U5 is available with electric motor from 204 HP power and 410 Nm of torque. The top speed is 170 km / h, while the 0-100 km / h sprint is completed in 7.5 seconds.

Chinese electric cars
Chinese electric cars Chinese electric cars Chinese electric cars Chinese electric cars Chinese electric cars

The SUV integrates a battery from 63 kWh. In terms of autonomy, the Aiways model is able to guarantee approx 410 kilometers of use in the WLTP cycle. Fast charging allows you to bring the charge from 20% to 80% in about 35 minutes. The charge is 6.6 kW with alternating current. There are two setups available for Italian customers. The basic model, Xcite, starts from 42,750 euros while they are needed for the top version, Prime 45,550 euros.

Chinese electric cars: many new models are coming to Europe

There are several Chinese manufacturers who are planning (or have already defined) the debut in Europe of their zero-emission models. In some cases, these companies have chosen to start the enlargement project in Europe restricts marketing to some markets on the continentsuch as Germany and the Nordic markets, characterized by a more deeply entrenched support infrastructure for electricity and, in general, by higher figures for the entire zero-emission car market than in Italy.

Among the Chinese cars arriving in Europe, the proposals are from Great Wall Motors as presented in September 2021 NOW cat, one of the models that the Chinese brand aims to create a space for zero-emission mobility in Europe. Electric SUVs are imported from China in some European markets BYD Tang EV600 which with over 500 kilometers of autonomy represents one of the most complete zero-emission SUVs in the Chinese automotive industry.

The European debut of Nio ET5sedan with record autonomy (reaches over 1000 kilometers in the NEDC cycle) made of NIO, a Shanghai company aiming to compete directly with Tesla in the future of the premium electric car sector. Over the next few months / years, of course, other Chinese companies will try to enter Europe in order to compete directly with European and North American brands and conquer part of the electricity market.

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