Summer dress code at school, rules and prohibitions

Summer dress in school: in many schools it is forbidden to wear shorts and flip flops, the debate reopens every year and not only in Italy

Summer dress code at school

Beachwear prohibited in class. The question of “dress code “in school in the summer it reopens on time as every year, and a survey conducted by shows that in our country, one in 2 students is subject to some form of ban regarding summer clothing in the classroom. This time, the circular signed by the principal of a school in Chivasso in the Turin area turns the debate on. But the problem is not just about Italy.

The latest circular about this summer’s dress code at school

The school deserves respect», Then we read in the circular for students and teachers at the comprehensive Institute« Cosola ». The principal has repeatedly reminded students and school staff to wear appropriate clothing for the school context, but it was ultimately necessary to put this rule in black and white after some students showed up in class with flip flops and bermuda shorts. That is, to go to school students, school staff and me too parents they must be properly dressed.

The circular reads: “Staff, students and parents are reminded that the school is an educational environment, as well as an institution that deserves sufficient respect, and it means that everyone shows up with sober and decent clothes, appropriate to the environment scholastic – reads the note Therefore, all adults, all students and all students are advised not to wear inappropriate clothing that evokes summer clothing, or even swimsuits that are completely out of place in the school context: shorts, tank tops, low-cut tops, hot pants, also skirts. Thin, beachwear. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to wear slippers, flip-flops or sandals that do not guarantee stability to prevent accidental falls or slips. cases of recurrence.This always and in any case applies to adults and students, no matter what trait they are in school: participation in courses, exams, assistance with exams, conversations between parents and teachers ”.

Of course, the circular was not accepted without controversy: The front of parents and also students and school staff is still divided in two, between those who agree with the school leader and those who, on the other hand, see nothing wrong in dress lighter if it is very hot.

Not just an Italian problem

It must be said that the issue is not limited to our borders. In Ottawa, some time ago, a real protest was triggered by students at a high school. Teachers and leaders are accused of having done something flash on the school’s dress code. Some boys dressed inappropriately were asked to go out into the hallways, change or walk. The protests also see parents in the lead and accuse the school of primarily blaming girls for their wardrobe.

A gender issue?

In fact, it is impossible not to reflect that these rules affect in the first place girls. According to some, shorts and tank tops are not only not suitable for school contexts, but easily distract classmates and even teachers.

So there is a risk of moving from what may be the right decision – to establishing a dress code, to teaching children that appropriate clothing is needed for any environment and situation – to blame exclusively on girls. And in that way, we lose sight of the real reasons underlying a rule about the dress code that suits the school.

Dress code at school, right?

Since elementary school, where the uniform is a must in many cases, teachers in the summer recommended white cotton T-shirts, blue shorts and yet closed shoes without laces. In short, a simple and practical look. Indications that if we wish, should also remain valid in subsequent years. The school is not a beach, a disco or a park.

It’s a place where you do not necessarily have to show off sophisticated outfits, but not too basic. If we think about it, flip flops, shorts and tank tops are definitely not school-appropriate clothing. Who among us would show up dressed like that in the office?

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