Silvia Venturini Fendi: “We are a punk house”

Silvia Venturini Fendi at Fendi Headquarters (courtesy Fendi / Andrea Ferrari)


A centenary house where reverence is at home. “We always have a punk soul, especially at the heart of creativity.” To tell it to MFF is Silvia Venturini Fendithird generation of the family Fendi and artistic director of accessories, man and house in Maison di Lvmh. On the occasion of the design week in Milan, the designer resumes the development of Fendi homethe division dedicated to the interior of the brand, reminiscent of the pioneering role of one Miami Design /. “It was the manifesto of what we wanted to do,” he said, “along with the community of artists we became naked.”

From past to present, everything is linked to a common thread, as even today in the Lombardy capital it is time for a new manifesto, punk on purpose, which revolutionizes the pre-established order and makes the experimental functional and vice versa, thanks to the joint venture with Design holdingwho gave birth to the company FF design. Thus Fendi casa grows with new pieces, presents for Fuorisalone a renovated layout of the large flagship store in Piazza della Scala, an apartment in via Montenapoleone decorated with the latest furniture to create a connection between the Fendi man and woman’s clothes and suit in their home, and the debut of the lighting collection produced for marked from Flos (brand part of the Design holding group).

After the opening of the Milanese space, where the collections of Silvia Venturini Fendi’s creativity had been displayed, which called for a pool of Italian and international designers to create an eclectic brand, now an extension of the whole way with new items signed by Marcel Wanders And atelier Oï, Chiara Andreatti And Cristina Celestino, Toan Nguyen, Thierry Lemaire, Piero Lissoni And dimorestudio. But not only that, Fendi casa is preparing for worldwide growth also in new markets, with the opening of direct stores in Miami and Shanghai at the end of the year and others under indirect management in Doha, Mexico and Vietnam.

An important debut in Milan, where the focus is also on Fendace, which went very well …

It’s a lot of fun, actually with Donatella Versace we said, “We have to repeat, we have to do it again.” Because we also enjoyed doing it, among other things.


Speaking of Fendi casa, there is a party in Milan …

Farthest last. I’m very happy, it was a project that I had been waiting for a long time, but above all it seems to me that it’s finally all-round now, for the space, which is beautiful and lends itself to showing a lot . There is so much to see and show, there is so much hidden history. For the past few years we have been making things, beautiful things and experimental things, which also deserve a place. All the project done at Design Miami / e.g. I imagine, from time to time, being able to take pieces back and also put them in space because few have seen them, and they are, in my opinion, also an interesting starting point for some collections.

His spirit at Design Miami / is to make art collide with design …

Absolutely, I think above all to make sure that the Fendi casa is also experimental. And therefore a great artistic vein, which then also becomes functional and “negotiable”. It stimulates me a lot, because until now the two things were not talked about, the two projects were almost opposite. Instead, today there is a drawing and we understand that it is a circle that ends. Not surprisingly, in addition to all the designers we have hired to collaborate on the launch of the line, it seemed natural to me to call those with whom I have collaborated in recent years. We were left with the urge to do.


And which artists would you like to work with for the next collections?

Eventually, I would like to resume the thread of the conversation with everyone who has remained suspended, and turn it into a more real phase.

So will Design Miami / continue to remain a kind of laboratory?

Absolutely, a laboratory where the watchword is total freedom of speech freed from certain dynamics. It’s like a form of couture where you experiment and then later, in the prêt-à-porter, develop the ideas you have experimented with.

And they come to Fendi’s home …

Design Miami / is this for us, pure experimentation and a way to do something new. We like to do what others have not done.

He also said that when he created the baguette …

That was the engine. “Let’s do something that is not there yet.”

And what is not in design today?

In the design of fashion houses like ours, what interests me, above all, is that there is a very common language between the woman we represent and the one who is to live in that space. There is a lot in design and I like to think that there is a great harmony between what our collections are and the fact that the man or woman who passes on that catwalk will ultimately live in these interiors.

A more complete lifestyle? With Fendi casa, this vision seems to be complete …

It is so accomplished that products come in month after month because the pace is quite tight. Now we want to present art de la table, a lot of objects, so let’s say that Fendi casa is no longer just sofas, furniture and large pieces.

Objects that did not even exist before …

There is the enthusiasm of wanting to implement and would be relevant. In recent years, we have been because the Fendi casa has grown a lot, but I think that now, with this project, we are becoming much, much more.

What made you in the beginning create this short circuit between design and art?

What has always interested me is this balance, which I call “alchemical” between creativity and functionality. And in my opinion, design is this, just like fashion.

After Miami and Shanghai, do you anticipate other openings?

Yes, we open non-direct stores in Doha, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh and Mexico City.

Now that the work presented at Design Miami / has an outlet inside the Fendi casa, do you want to continue attending the fair?

More and more.

You were true forerunners when no one wanted to go to Miami yet …

We like to get out of formulas so it will be interesting to see what we plan to do.

The joint venture with Design holding is also a new solution in branded design. How is the partnership going?

Very good, they are the ideal partner because they have a great tradition and have historically worked with great designers.

Among the artists you have already collaborated with, who would you like to reopen the conversation with?

E.g Sabine Marcelis, I’m planning to do something with her. Also Formafantasma.

In all the years of Design Miami / the fair, what were your strongest moments?

Craft punk remained in my heart when we brought the project to Salone del mobile 2009 via Sciesa.

Can we say, “Fendi is punk”?

We can tell. In my opinion, it’s a bit like the secret of fashion houses, when they almost become institutions, if you think we have almost a hundred years of history. But we have a punk soul, always, this has remained above all in the heart of creativity. (All rights reserved)

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