Rieti, Daniele Sinibaldi “the elegant” that children like

RIETI – A few minutes late, certainly justified, for Daniele Sinibaldi’s arrival at the bar. The mayoral candidate, blue jacket and white shirt, talks about today’s complicated “joints”, between election and family obligations. “I made appointments with the babysitter,” says Sinibaldi, who has only been the father of Manfredi Valerio for eight months. Thirty-six years old, a restaurateur with a long-standing passion for politics, the mayoral candidate orders orange juice and a small croissant with cream. Nor coffee for him: “I almost never drink it.”

A particularly long election campaign for Sinibaldi, which began long before the others: “I’m more tired mentally than physically – he explains – because it’s definitely harder for you to react to poisons and jokes than to walk around here and there. The sooner you go back for a refreshment, the better ».

Nephew to refugees from Istria, a brother and a sister living abroad, a retired official father from the province of Rieti and a teacher mother, Sinibaldi defines himself as a person with great autonomy in the important choices in life.
“The family was not at all surprised by the candidacy. Of course, this commitment does not allow me to be as present as I would like, but everyone understood the importance of this choice, first and foremost my partner Marta, who has supported and understood me for many years ». The promise given to the electorate, to be kept first and foremost, for Sinibaldi, will be that which aims at the total commitment to the relaunch of Mount Terminillo, “and if I become mayor, wearing the three-colored scarf, will I would like to inaugurate the new courses at the University of Rieti. ”Whatever happens, after next Sunday’s election, Daniele Sinibaldi intends to spend at least a full day enjoying her baby, then a few days at sea on the Adriatic.

Among the best moments in this intense election campaign, the choice between two.
“I will remember with emotion the launch of my candidacy at Palazzo Sanizi, but also spent the evening in the Villa Reatina district a few days ago, a truly remarkable participation of people that I did not expect.” On the other hand, the attacks received on the personal level must be counted negatively: “It hurts me when the debate enters the private sphere, I believe the plan must remain political when it moves to others fronts that have nothing to do. finds it offensive “. Milanist proud of the recent championship and greedy of truffle-based dishes, Sinibaldi attended Carlo Jucci’s scientific high school in Rieti, the then Faculty of Law at the University of Perugia, without finishing his studies,” but I still pay my taxes, no you never know “.

The passions. Sinibaldi, who is passionate about reading – latest book “Lobby & lodges” by Sallusti / Palamara – but also about mountains, football and tennis, grew up in Vazia but lives in the Città Giardino area.

A defect and a value to attach to oneself?
“I am careful and nice, even the kids tell me when they stop me on the street because they saw me on the posters. Their appreciative sentences are among the most wonderful things that will be left for me from this period. On the other hand, among the best memories from privacy, those attached to old friends who guarantee cheers and support, and a memorable rock concert seen in London a few years ago.

You would never have thought that behind the impeccable jackets Sinibaldi is a big lover of punk and metal music?
“Basically, I’m someone who will always dress sporty. But if you’re a deputy mayor, I think a jacket and a shirt are a duty and respect the role you play.”

Festivities – if any – are under planning?
“Apart from some time that I will devote to the private sector, there will definitely be a good night in case of victory with all those who believed in this challenge”. Of the two opponents fighting for City Hall’s most important role, the candidate admits he appreciates Simone Petrangeli’s tenacity and Carlo Ubertini’s originality.

And what is an example to follow for Daniele Sinibaldi?
“Perhaps, Paolo Borsellino, I would like to get to know him. I have read a lot about him, I am always impressed not only with his work but also with his great charisma. But our thoughts are also in memory of Grandpa Arturo, through a cream-colored vintage bike that has been put together with great detail: “I myself have rearranged his bike, and I even gave it a name, it’s called Nostalgia Canaglia, in memory. of the good family moments spent with him. Not to the song of Al Bano and Romina ». And otherwise what a rocker he would be.


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