Press release from the Ministry of Education: ‘The results of the’ United for School ‘project have been presented

We receive and publish a press release sent to us by the Ministry of Education’s press office.

The results of the project ‘United for the school’ presented

Use the theatrical languages ​​and audiovisual media as tools to renew classroom teaching and to encourage girls and boys to participate more in class, to work in groups, to develop the ability to solve problems with their creativity, to speak in public. This is the purpose of the experimental project “United for the school”, launched last November at ten schools in various Italian cities, the results of which were presented today at the Palazzo dell’Istruzione by Minister Patrizio Bianchi together with actresses Vittoria Puccini, president. by “UNITED”, and Paola Cortellesi.

The education initiative was promoted by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, “Alice nella Città”, the Academy of Italian Cinema – David di Donatello Awards and UNITA – National Union of Theater and Audiovisual Interpreters, under the pedagogical supervision of CPP, Centro PsicoPedagogico di Daniele Novara. It was precisely the students, teachers and teachers who participated in the experiment, who were the main characters in the last event of the day, and shared their experiences and their impressions of the project. With them also Piera Detassis, president and artistic director of the Academy of Italian Cinema-David di Donatello Awards, Fabia Bettini, artistic director of “Alice nella Città”, and the actors Carlotta Natoli, Giorgio Marchesi and Chiara Tomarelli, members of the school table above ” UNIT”.

“The success of this project – declared the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi – shows that students want a more loving school for relationships, where learning also comes from exchanging and meeting each other. We must offer girls and boys opportunities and innovative teaching methods that can turn their curiosity, their participation, creativity that puts them at the center and accompanies them in self-discovery.I would like to thank the actresses and actors who have made themselves available to our young people and do an extraordinary job: it is an act of sharing responsibility bearing fruit ”.

“Listening to the young people who talked about the ‘United for School’ project this morning in the Ministry of Education was really exciting – commented Vittoria Puccini -. They talked about how working with UNITA’s teachers and trainers this year has helped them get to know themselves and their classmates, push them to express their feelings and create a positive relationship of sharing and trust between them and the teachers. . One girl said ‘thanks to this project I thought it was nice to go to school’. We could not have hoped for a better result ”.

“I want to take this opportunity – added Paola Cortellesi – to relaunch the appeal so that cinema and theater become subjects of study in schools as soon as possible. I know we are working in this direction and I thank Minister Bianchi for this. These subjects should serve to educate people who in the future know how to engage, share and support each other.As in a set or in a theater where everyone works with a common purpose.It is good that children at this age learn to strike I’m here with Vittoria Puccini and represent UNITA, we are many, more than a thousand, and I can only thank my colleagues, Carlotta Natoli, Giorgio Marchesi and Chiara Tomarelli for the great work that is “Helping children express themselves and put their emotions at stake helps them get closer to others. And this is also very beautiful”.

The first edition of “Unite for the school”, which ended on May 31, involved 10 schools in all grade levels and over 300 female students. Specifically, the participating institutions were: “Don Lorenzo Milani” State High School in Naples; “Enrico Fermi” Scientific High School in Bologna; the Artistic College IISS “Nicola Garrone” in Barletta (BT); Liceo Artistico “A. Caravillani” of Rome; the comprehensive institute “DR Chiodi” in Rome; Ardea 1 Comprehensive Institute in Ardea (RM); “Marco Polo” Institute in Florence; IIS “Leonardo Da Vinci” from Florence; high school ” Giulio Casiraghi “in Cinisello Balsamo (MI) and Istituto Comprensivo 1 Pescantina (VR).

Purpose of the experiment: to use techniques and methods that characterize the cinema and theater work in the classroom, and make them valuable allies for increasingly innovative teaching. In other words, the project proposed a method to be used in an interdisciplinary way, which puts the student at the center and aims to activate each other’s creative resources.

The participants’ responses were positive: many emphasized the change in the climate in the classroom, which was more oriented thanks to the experimental path, collaboration and sharing. Schoolgirls and students stated that they had the opportunity to express themselves more and better in a context where they felt less concerned about external judgment and thus gained greater self-confidence.

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