Pnrr, experiments for communal houses start – Turin today

This morning at Curia Maxima a discussion was held between the city, Circumscriptions, ASL City of Turin and unions to start the experiment with Communal houses provided by the PNRR, which will represent the privileged center for integration between social and health services and a fundamental hub for local assistance. The future of home care for non-dependent people was also discussed.

The meeting, promoted by the Ministry of Welfare in the city of Turin, which convened the social health conference extended to the trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL, to the corresponding pensioners’ organizations and to the district directors of the ASL City of Turin, the purpose of bringing to life a public debate on Mission 6 – Health of the PNRR involving social and territorial representatives. At the same time, the Municipality participates in the coordination tables at district level that ASL convenes on the same issue.

During the meeting, the ongoing experimentation of subsidiarity structures was discussed. In fact, the region has mandated each ASL, in cooperation with the bodies managing the social assistance functions, to develop subsidiarity structures defined as “integrated district service centers”, with the aim of providing a socio-health proximity network primarily to support the most vulnerable people. The center will represent the bridge to the future houses of the community.

The ongoing trials are a development of territorial assistance, as provided for in the National Recovery and Resistance Plan, in a region where the largest proportion of residents are aged 50-59 years, with a predominance of people over 70 years, and an elderly population among the highest in the country, with about 24% of the population over 65 years.

PNRR establishes the strengthening of the network providing services in the territory with the development and creation of territorial structures and facilities, including community centers, with the aim of improving the availability of local health and social health services. It is these structures that vulnerable people will turn to for answers to the health and social support needs that will be offered by health and social care staff present in these new organizational models to guide them. in the various auxiliary paths. In Turin, 18, 91 are to be established throughout the regional territory.

To achieve this goal, the synergy between the municipal administration and the city of Torino ASL is fundamental, which will have the task through the town halls to pursue the integration between health and social services, to ensure a coordinated and continuous response to the health needs of the population. , the uniformity of aid levels and the diversity of the offer.

According to the councilor for welfare in the city of Turin, Jacopo Rosatelli, this morning’s meeting laid the foundation for the experiment with the integrated district service center, which will be the bridge to the community centers and will see the collaboration between ASL and Servizi social. . The Commissioner recalled how the presence of districts and trade unions testifies to the administration’s willingness to involve citizens in this process. The hope is that ASL will also involve third party organizations. The holder of the Welfare Power of Attorney also expressed strong concern about the impact of the 5 million cuts in “extra-LEA” resources from the region, which currently funds home care, and at the recent indications from Regional Councilor Maurizio Marrone, who seem to warn, that the regional health service withdraws from home care, which instead forms an element in the realization of the fundamental right to health.

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