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Unique design, quality of finish, important performance: NY40 is the yacht that embodies the best features of Made in Italy, which balances naval tradition and technological innovation.

A yacht conceived as a small collective work of art, the result of the harmonious work of designers, craftsmen and specialized technicians. In continuity with its younger sister – NY24 – the ancestor of the series, with which the brand was created and identified, NY40 embodies the experiences, heritage and sensitivity of its creators, giving life to a product with even more exclusive content and details. The new NY40 will have its world premiere at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, from 6 to 11 September 2022.

Despite the strong sporting character, with solid and performing hull designed by engineer Maurizio Zuccheri from the well-known Zuccheri Yacht Design studio, the style of the NY40 is characterized by being sophisticated and elegant, extremely recognizable thanks to characteristic features of the designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini from the IDEAEITALIA studio, who also design this second model of the Marche shipyard.

NY40 is a boat that is projected for the future, while maintaining great respect for traditions: a mixture of modern design and nautical tradition with references to car design. The refinement, balance and elegance typical of a heli-Italian style code are palpable in the tight and clean lines, almost sensual with few characters that characterize and enhance the project, as well as in the hollowed-out sides with large windows that brighten and streamline the boat’s profile. The bonnet, with a sporty character, is reminiscent of the design of race cars. The central sun terrace, with a residential flavor, is a reference to the villas’ outdoor area by the sea. The herringbone teak wood of the decks provides a clear reference to the tradition of cabinet making on board. Polished steel is an inevitable sign of the maritime tradition and synonymous with consistency.

All these elements reflect on the one hand the helitalian tradition of design and tailoring and on the other hand the nautical for motorboats.

NY40 offers comprehensive adaptation and highly innovative as well as eco-sustainable materials, such as Oltremateria oleomalta, an application suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces, which allows very high decorative levels as well as protects the environment. The new model will be available in the Open or T-top version, and the engine also offers various options for both sterndrive with rear-wheel drive and outboard motor.

The heart of this project lies in its content, the content that gives those who are lucky enough to try it, to fully enjoy their cruise. When you get on the boat, you are immediately captured by the harmony of the whole and by the great habitability of the spaces. First of all, the stern platform that takes the name COSMO is remarkable. Inspired by the 4 elements air, water, earth and fire, it is a multifunctional platform created in collaboration with Besenzoni and has a large fixed part and three additional steps that can be moved down or up to ensure ample height.

It allows you to reach the quay (land), to dive when it rises (air), as well as become a ladder to go in to swim in the open sea (water), in short, it performs all the functions which usually characterizes the tender lift, the gangway, the bathing ladder and the swimming platform.

The word COSMOS it is the perfect combination where the fire is represented by the boat itself and its power. The large central sun deck is the true protagonist of the cockpit, reinforced by superbly designed cushions that can easily accommodate three people and can become even larger with the transformation of the sofa area. With electric opening and integrated doors, the sun deck provides access to ample storage and to the engine room downstairs. The circumferential structure, in tubular steel, is covered with a seamless woven yarn, made from a recycled material that can be recycled from plastic recycling.

The dining area midships is large and convertible, thanks to a pair of teak folding tables and a large cupboard sofa so six people can eat comfortably. An equipped piece of furniture that can also be adapted to the customer’s needs, with a refrigerator, ice maker, hob, sink and space for cooking, allows you to better organize meals on board. The high-tech, intuitive and comfortable steering station is carefully cared for both from a technological point of view, thanks to the latest generation of navigation instruments, and for the aesthetic and ergonomic aspect, with the two completely customized Nerea pilot seats integrated in its own lines the style of The company logo.

The large T-top with a very sporty and sophisticated design, extends almost 4 meters in length, to protect both the driving position and the central area of ​​the cockpit. The bonnet at the bow, easily accessible with safe and generous side passages, guarantees extra space to relax in a comfortable area for sunbathing. No less important are the quantities dedicated to storage, numerous as well as generous, to be able to stow all maritime equipment, toys and comfortably meet multi-day cruises.

“The yacht is less and less a representation instrument and more and more something that the customer wants for himself, it has become a new place to live, an extension of one’s home, but without forgetting the pleasure of going to sea, and going quickly when necessary. “ – Then he says Alessio Battistini, architect of IDEAEITALIAspeaking of the new NY40. “Our goal was therefore to improve the experience on board: details and materials that are not expected, with a strong home taste, with important spaces and ergonomics, with an obsessed sense of detail, superyacht finish and materials of the highest quality. Quality. All aesthetic choices have “has not always been subordinate to functionality and practicality. This does not mean that some technical elements, such as the engine air intake and the bow mooring, have been completely hidden in favor of the extreme purity and elegance of the lines in its harmonious complex”.

NY40 it is a boat born to stand out that interprets its owner’s individuality. The watchword, even for this second model of the series, is customization. Layout, materials, finishes, equipment in the engine room: practically everything on this boat can be customized a lot, as if it were a tailor-made outfit. For example, let’s start with the engine: In the sterndrive version with rear-wheel drive, both diesel and petrol are available, and it is possible to choose between two Volvo Penta V6 280 hp engines, or prefer two 300 hp D4 engines, two 380 hp D6- engines or even D6 with 440 hp diesel, for an expected speed, in the latter case, at 35 knots sailing and 42 of maximum.

The interior layout is also extremely versatile, and customization translates into finishes and equipment as well as two different solutions for the bow area and just as many for the rear area, thus managing to offer four different layouts. At the bow we can have a double bed or a comfortable C-shaped sofa that goes from side to side, while in the stern you can choose between a double bed and 2 single beds, however movable and interconnected in a single bed. The interior design could only be in harmony with the exterior. A fresh, striking and modern decor with soft pastel colors and matte finishes. Then there are the details, highly coveted, some with strong and shiny colors, which give character to the environment.

The choice of materials and finish wants to increase the perception of space and comfort, also thanks to the large window sections that bring a lot of natural light on board. But they also tell of the desire to recreate the intimacy and security that we usually experience inside our home on a boat. Open knits, oleom mortar, soft touch lacquers and natural leather, all this to increase the materiality of what the hands can touch on board and convey the feeling of comfort and relaxation that our senses perceive, in this case especially with sight and with touch.

“We have included an accessory that is born with the boat and that is part of the soul of this interior: a completely tailored travel bag, one for each guest, which can be stowed on the sides, which will give even more personality and taste to The Nerea experience on board and create an intimate relationship between the boat and those lucky enough to own it “, explains Davide Bernardini, designer of IDEAEITALIA.

Dario Messina comments on this new model: “NY40 is a project that provides lots of space for creativity and ideas that I share with the designers of IDEAEITALIA. It is the result of a journey that we started together with the intention of expressing the inventive and slightly artistic spirit that characterizes and unites us in the best possible way. ”

Thus is born an iconic openness, conceived thanks to a careful study of proportions, like classical works of art, unique for their formal balance, the play of light and shadows and the harmony of all the elements NY40 perfectly identifies with the Nerea Yacht brand and will be able to stand out and be appreciated on the international nautical scene.


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Nerea Yacht is an Italian entrepreneurial reality based on Dario Messina’s consolidated experience, skill and genius, with a twenty-year nautical and industrial background at a high level. Nerea Yacht is the result of an exciting research whose center is the love of the sea, an immense passion for Italian style and the desire to produce boats as if they were works of art, a concentration of style, class and unsurpassed performance. Nerea boats are produced at the Nerea Yacht shipyards near Fano: an area, the Marche, which boasts one of the most cited nautical chains in the world with highly specialized workers, a fertile place for those who, like Messina, have decided to set aside itself to fulfill one’s dream: to create a “boat shop”, a real workshop at sea, where each new boat becomes a unique piece. Nerea Yacht gets right into the panorama of luxury yacht sailing and helps to burn and export Italian creativity and ingenuity to the world.

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