Missing Children’s Day, a day of awareness at the police headquarters among students in the province

The awareness-raising campaign on missing children, launched by Ragusa police headquarters on May 25 last year on the occasion of the annual “International Day” dedicated to them, ended a few days ago.

The initiatives organized by the State Police were aimed at students from different schools, with meetings held by officials from the police headquarters and the public security commissariats in Vittoria, Comiso and Modica, the cooperation of specialized staff through the distribution of information material created by the Central Anti-Crime Service.

The meetings, which have been organized since May 25, saw the involvement of the students of the Istituto Comprensivo “E. Berlinguer “and the Higher Education Institute” G. Ferraris “by Ragusa, from the Higher Education Institute” G. Mazzini “di Vittoria”, as well as the primary school “De Amicis”, the secondary educational institutions “G. Carducci” and “L. Pirandello” by Comiso, as well as the Comprehensive Institute “Raffaele Poidomani” by Modica “.

The operators entertained the students, provided them with information on the sensitive topic, answered the students’ questions and curiosities also through the distribution of informative material consisting of a leaflet and a bookmark. They provided useful information on the behavior to be used in the various dangerous situations that often arise from surfing the web, and on the usefulness of emergency and emergency numbers 113 and 112 NUE, for those who wish to report or ask for help, by common European telephone number blue 116000 dedicated to missing minors and emergency number 114 to report violence against minors.

In addition, information was provided on the YouPol app, the important tool that allows you to send georeferenced reports to the police headquarters’ operations room for cases of bullying, drug trafficking and domestic violence or any other dangerous situation, even in anonymity.

In particular in Modica, on 30 May last year, the Director of the PS Modica Commissariat with staff, together with an official from the police headquarters specializing in the sector of vulnerable victims, and an official from the postal police in Catania, who intervened per. video conference, participated as speakers in a meeting with students from the aforementioned Comprehensive Institute on the topics reported in the brochure created on the occasion of May 25 with the aim of informing / sensitizing teenagers about topics of interest and risks associated with them.