Minecraft cleans up its brand image (and adjusts logo)

The work done at allMinecraft identity it’s almost one case after textbook to understand how the logo is just one of the many tools that build a brand image. In fact, the recent intervention had a small, albeit positive, impact on the logo itself, but it has built a very solid foundation for acvisual communication flexible and at the same time consistent.

The problem with Minecraft brand imagein fact, it was above all in the success of the product. It seems like a paradox, but since its inception in 2009, the game has become a global phenomenon. And the brand was in danger of fragmentation in its innumerable uses: from games to services, from television to festivals, from events to toys and partnerships.

So let’s see what and how it has been redesigned to avoid this risk.

A good collaboration model

This project is interesting for those working in the world of brand identity and graphic design because of the way it was developed. It’s actually a collaboration between many creative figures, offices, agencies: around the internal Minecraft Brand Direction & Creative team, realities have shifted globally. As art director Oliver Helfrich and the Bold bureau’s Stockholm office.

ONE team with many professionals was necessary to structure, as we have anticipated, an entire system that could cover any application, including merchandising.

The solution came, as often happens, from one of the main features of the game.

A brand to play with

The company’s press release describes the operation as follows:

Design solution: A brand to play with

Let’s see in what sense. Minecraft differs from many other video games precisely because there is no specific goal to achieve, nor a single way to interact with the game.

minecraft blocks

More than a real brand image, therefore we can say that one game environment: en scheme through which infinite graphic elements can be generated, which, however, always remain easy to recognize and reconnect with the main fire.

The grill is always a good solution

Achieving this result was possible thanks to one of the instruments a graphic designer should have more confidence in: the grid.

minecraft project grid

In the case of Minecraft, one was designed lattice of squares which each corresponds to one pixel, and the size of the basic module is the same as the game: 16 x 16.

The grid is organized on two different perspective plans: the upward is the space dedicated to the main titles or primary text, the downward is dedicated to subtitles or texts of secondary importance.

This detailed graphical room setting allows you to obtain practically endless logoswhich always maintains a recognizable identity and a standard aesthetic quality.

minecraft logos

But has the Minecraft logo changed?

Yes, though it’s pretty hard for you to notice if you do not see it next to the previous one; and although that was not the main purpose of this project on the brand image.

The Minecraft logo has retained all the features that make it memorable: the color, the pixels, the three-dimensionality, the cracks. The tendency has changed a bit, to respect the perspective of the grid that governs the whole new system. The shaded faces of the font are a little lighter and it creates a more harmonious and modern effect. Even the cracks are less prominent than before and follow a more geometric pattern.

It’s still worth noting that, in addition to what I’ve already told you, to complete the new brand image, an original font has also been designed for Minecraft, Minecraft in various variations, all based on pixel graphics.

minecraft merchandising


As I expected, the case of Minecraft is really useful as a model, also because the intervention in the image did not try to overwhelm the product or distort the brand’s aesthetics.

However, he managed to use the brand’s successful features to build a coherent, recognizable system that can be extended to a potentially infinite range of applications.

What do you think convinces you? Can you think of other cases like this? Tell us in the comments! In the meantime, I remind you that if you want to grow in the world of logo design, you can choose our Logo Hero course. Or, if you’re passionate about the three-dimensional aspect of Minecraft, try discovering 3D graphics with 3D Startup.

We’ll meet at the next flash news, in the meantime I greet you


Credits photos and videos Studio Oliver Helfrich and Bold Stockholm

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