Maurizio Morazzoni’s aesthetics between heritage and sustainable innovation

Mariani Design: The interview with architect Maurizio Morazzoni confirms the family’s passion for this sector, which has lasted for over 100 years between heritage, sartorial elegance and sustainable innovation, all Made in Italy.

Is there a “Tailor Made” that you have loved since the first sketch?

The experience of “Tailor Made”, the need for unique products to be integrated into an environment, is fundamental and has always characterized me. While designing for clients, I noticed that my creations included in the projects were much appreciated because they were ‘unique pieces’: At that moment, the passion was born to create my pieces with a “tailor-made” that fully clothed the client’s identity. and his specific needs, in perfect harmony with the initial project of the house and the philosophy of the Mariani Collection brand.

The attention to aesthetics and ease of use, its perfect inclusion in the “concept” of the house are competitive factors on which companies in the sector very often trigger their competitive leverage. What can you expect from the “Mariani Design 2022” collection in the light of Milan Design Week?

The products we use are completely sustainable, even though they are different from each other: they all have the same property, which is that they are based on natural elements, both in composition and in function, therefore they can be used in Green Economy- models. Exclusivity also in the choice of finishes, colors and materials made ‘custom’ for the specific project: I use metal, which is very suitable for modeling, wood, natural stone, glass, crystal and eco-sustainable paint. The Mariani Design 2022 collection will be characterized by a high degree of sustainability.

Our approach to design is certainly changing. Never before has the comfort of the furniture and the functionality of the room been so important: this is a consideration that goes beyond aesthetics, it is not only a formal question, but above all an essential question. Give life to balanced solutions, but with a sure innovative content?

The projects I do have as their objective functionality, space, aesthetics and innovation, but above all the study of colors and lighting: very important elements to make a home inviting and balanced.

Mariani Design: Maurizio Morazzoni's aesthetics between heritage and sustainable innovation

At this very moment, when companies have started producing again, is there trust from your customers? What are the prospects for the Italian and international market?

The “Made in Italy” furniture sector is flying and looking forward to European and Asian countries. In Italy there has been an increase in furniture after the pandemic, the Italians have rediscovered the desire to live in the house differently, revised from a functional and utilitarian point of view. A different way of living everyday life in what are the usual spaces: Our contribution is to change the lifestyle and design aspect of the home.

Large fashion companies have announced that they will produce less and better. Do you think that the persistent slowdown is also affecting the design world?

Only for some companies that cover a high-end range (important brands).

Mariani Design: Maurizio Morazzoni's aesthetics between heritage and sustainable innovation

In this sector, at the instigation of FederlegnoArredo, Italy has never hidden its ambition to become a world leader in the green economy within five years. Is the idea always valid?

I think so, from the statistics, the Italian wood furniture industry is the first in Europe, just think that 93% of the certified chipboard is made from recycled wood. Wood is gaining more and more ground in the construction sector as well, and Assolegno companies are focusing their creations on sustainability, environmental comfort and energy efficiency.

Furniture customers are increasingly aware of sustainability, and Italy in the sector today has more than ever the ambition to become a leader in the green economy. What is your eco-friendly project in the new Meneghino Design District?

It is believing in sustainability, using natural and innovative materials to respect the balance between nature and man. The balance between people, objects and nature is the only sustainable one!

Mariani Design: Maurizio Morazzoni's aesthetics between heritage and sustainable innovation

The history about Mariani Design has ancient origins, from a small artisan shop in the heart of Arluno, in the province of Milan, to the luxury brand, symbol of “Made in Italy” and the emblem of an all-Italian miracle since 1928 by the brothers Ernesto and Felice Mariani.

A 100-year tradition that today marries the design manager’s projects Maurizio Morazzonifor more than thirty years at the helm of the family business and engineer Gaia Morazzoni, who projects her passion into the future between design, research and eco-sustainability.

Mariani Design: Maurizio Morazzoni's aesthetics between heritage and sustainable innovation

Sustainability is a topic that is dear to companies in the design sector, the topic is of central importance, certainly not easy to approach.

There are two parallel challenges to thinking about a green future: on the one hand defining and supporting a new business model – being sustainable today means not only using recycled materials but also rethinking production processes – on the other hand telling about it . Business leaders have a responsibility to understand how technology can enable new sustainable consumption, business and sales models as well as products that positively impact three directions: people, planet and profit.

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