ITA Airways debuts at Milan Design Week 2022

from Brevi Trasporti dated 7 June 2022

ITA Airways press release

ITA Airways participates in Milan Design Week 2022, which takes place from 7 to 12 June in Milan with a dedicated program and meetings with the press at the exhibition space in Via della Spiga 26.

The prestigious Milanese location, Spiga 26, is the creative hub developed by Hines, which for the occasion becomes an expression of Italian style and is characterized by various temporary installations that reflect three thematic areas: curiosity to travel, the actual experience of flying , the discovery of the destination.

In particular, the immersive experience space in the ITA Airways Hub will be dedicated to the unveiling of the new design of the cabins, created by Italian designer Walter De Silva, and of the uniforms, developed in conjunction with Brunello Cucinelli’s gracious stylistic advice. , as well as sustainability and new airline destinations. It will be open to the public until June 12 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The presence at this important event represents the ideal stage to present the fruits of the collaboration between ITA Airways and the prestigious Italian talents that the company has turned to to develop its image. A work that always focuses on “Made in Italy” and emphasizes the role of ambassador for Italian expertise in the world of ITA Airways (see Short transports of 31/05/2022).

During the week of Republic Day, ITA Airways presented the company’s new content, namely the new interior, the uniforms, catering on board designed by chef Enrico Bartolini with the lead role, the new Airbus A350 – the fleet’s flagship and ambassador in the national airline’s news world – the new intercontinental destinations in North and South America with the opening of new flights from Rome to Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.

The ITA Airways showroom in Milan is built to make visitors experience an ideal journey of immersive events and experiences: a sky that lands in the center of Milan, offering the public a unique and irrevocable experience to make them discover that heaven after all it is within each of us. Important is the focus on the new interior and all destinations in the ITA Airways network through a very eventful space.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, ITA Airways also celebrates the all-Italian route of wonder, design and boundless imagination through a series of lectures moderated by the journalist and director of TG1, Monica Maggioni (June 7 and 8) and by the editorial director of Vanity Fair / Conde Nast, Simone Marchetti (June 9), who will meet famous representatives of the world of entrepreneurship and design at the ITA Airways Hub in Via della Spiga.

The three meetings with press, business and trade guests include the following program:

• June 7 at 18.30 (lecture starts at 19.00) – inauguration evening: the theme “regeneration” performed by Monica Maggioni in the presence of Walter De Silva, the Italian designer who brought the design “mobility” to the highest international level, Brunello Cucinelli, CEO and creative director of Brunello Cucinelli SpA, and Greta Ferro, actress and model.

• June 8 at 18.00 (lecture starts at 18.30): the theme “design and innovation”, led by Monica Maggioni with the presence of Walter De Silva, flanked by Danilo Gallinari, star of the NBA and the Italian National Basketball Team, Federico Ferrazza, editorial director of Wired – Conde Nast and Francesco Presicce, Chief Technology Officer ITA Airways.

• June 9 at 16.30 (lecture starts at 17.00): ‘Destinations’ theme, led by Simone Marchetti, Editor-in-Chief Vanity Fair – Conde Nast with the participation of Chief Chef Enrico Bartolini, Javier Zanetti, International Vice President of Milan and member of the Organizing Committee of FIFA Competitions, by photographer Nima Benati and other guests.

Press release ITA Airways – June 7, 2022

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