for 1 in 3 students there will be lectures and questions

And instead, the festivities this time around will be really in a minor tone. According to a survey conducted by the portal – on a sample of 1,500 students from high schools, technical and professional institutes – about 1 in 3 on the last school day before the summer holidays will be a normal teaching day and questions.

A risk that a further 40% could have incurred if the students at his school had not taken the initiative by organizing some alternative activities: for them, the wait for loose lines will therefore be enlivened by a concert, a party, from games, tournaments or pastime. In the end, only 27% of the last-day leisure activities were handled directly by the school.

After the last bell for many there is only a “goodbye”

But in general, to really understand how much desire there is to celebrate graduation, one has to observe what happens after the clock that marks the beginning of summer for the students. And here, if possible, the effects of what the kids have experienced over the past two years are even stronger. For almost half (42%) of the interviewed students, everything will end in a few minutes with a “see you in September” (or, in the case of high school students, at the exam). Just over 1 in 4 have already planned the festivities with the classmates. Many others (30%), within hours of the event, have not yet made a decision.

The festivities are still in a minor tone

Festivities, those of the few who want to keep the tradition standing, which by the way will be characterized by the low profile: For over 1 in 2 there will be a simple group outing immediately after school or the same evening, for 4 out of 2. 10 in the programs there will also be dinner with the professors. Only 1 in 4, on the other hand, intend to re-enact the classic water balloon fight outside of school.

Not only that, the party could often be in small rows: Only 2 out of 3 actually believe that if not all, then at least most of the class will participate. 20% expect low subscriptions, 14% are already withdrawing. These numbers are reflected in the evaluation made by the students from the last school year themselves, who lived almost exclusively “in presence”: 1 in 7 would actually have preferred to stay with dad as long as possible, admitted that they do not have a good relationship with your teammates.

The balance between high school students

But in order to make a real, more complete assessment of the dynamics with which the last school years took place (not just what is coming to an end), it may be better to ask for an opinion from those who have reached the end. of the road: the high school students. Which in part confirms the general mood. By evaluating the type of relationship built for the neighbors over the five years, more than a third (35%) will leave the business with a sense of relief, almost of relief. A similar proportion (32%), however, approach the moment with sadness or a principle of nostalgia. 12% think they will feel “disoriented”. Only 1 in 10 are convinced that they will completely not care about goodbye.

Fifth graders who are also divided when it comes to stating the best that these years will leave them: after all, 23% are truly classmates; for 22%, they lived good experiences in school; 1 in 4 directly promotes the entire trail. Only 13% especially appreciated the things they learned. Maturandi, who on the other hand is much more in line (and it is easy to imagine that the other students are too) about what is the worst thing that has happened during the five-year period: the danger and the restrictions caused of the pandemic, indicated by 1 in 3.

“Last day of school is a real tradition, which in recent years has largely been lost” due to the health crisis. But even though we are not out of it yet, there is now an air of normality, albeit with a mask, and we can return to celebrate. Too bad, but that the year was not easy, neither for the students nor for the teachers. It should therefore not come as a surprise if someone takes advantage of the very last hours to recover a test or for an extra lesson. The school world is trying to do its best before the last important challenge: the state exams “comments Daniele Grassucci, director of

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