Fogazzaro, reference to interior design in the school: “But there will be no tiliste”

The strike at Fogazzaro

There will be no list considering the minimum length of shorts allowed, no list of garments allowed or not, no janitor with a ruler waiting at the door to measure the inches of uncovered skin … None of that . The Fogazzaro storythe historical educational institute, now a social and linguistic high school, closes like this, with a simple reference to decor and common sensewho invites female students, but probably not only them, to one more attention to clothing. A final word that could come today, under the school council: Just in time for the last days of school and for the final exam.

Students and leader: Dialogue

Yesterday morning the clarifying meeting betweenhead teacher Maria Rosa Puleoand the four school representatives. We have reopened the dialogue – they emphasized principal and students in a joint statement – we met and clarified why our only interest is shared reflection and not sterile opposition. There will be the broadest collaboration. Word that the school wanted to reach newspapers and TV, to appease what in recent days had become a small national cause. Dialogue is the key word. For both parties, what has happened in recent days has, above all, been a communication problem. We did not strike for the right to go to school in shorts or in tank tops – says Elena Bigarellapresent with Aurora Carli, Nicolas Pasantes and Alberto Scarpa at the meeting with the leader – we disputed a problem that had arisen in the manner and in the language, and which had already arisen before this episode.

The insulting allegations

By announcing the strike from the teaching, which took place last Friday, June 3, the students at Fogazzaro had condemned the use of phrases such as. even at your age cellulite c ‘e sballonzola, do you think you are so beautiful? and other statements considered paternalistic and misplaced. Or to use an expression that comes from the Anglosphere, on the verge of bodyshaming, with a ridiculous attitude towards those who have a few extra pounds. Allegedly, it must be said that Principal Puleo never confirmed that she had externalized. The leader, who sent an apology letter to the students on Saturday, now cuts it short: I made a necessary reference to common sense, it was not my intention to offend anyone. As for the regulation, I have never thought of a set of specific rules, I am the first who does not want such a thing, but who wants a generic indication. In any case, I think the question should have remained within the walls of the school: yesI made too much noise. What is certain is that the question is being solved in high school.

School advice on the subject

The meeting did not take place yesterday Director of the Territorial School Office Nicoletta Morbioli, which had even provided accessibility. It is up to the institutes to provide rules in this sense – he says -. My recommendation is that the whole school community be addressed, not just the students. They are used to living together so as not to “punish” anyone. But in the end, were there some words for many? What is certain – he concludes – is that the boys have perceived it that way. In certain matters we must be very careful. educators, we are called to strengthen students’ self-esteem, as adults, we must also be credible in the invitations. On June 7, the school council on the subject in the presence of parent representatives (who is with the principal).

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