facilitate the inclusion of children through interactive games

There war in Ukraine it forces thousands of girls and boys to leave their country, their homes, their loved ones and everything they had, disrupting their childhood. The lucky ones are accompanied by their parents, while others have lost them in the madness of the conflict or have been forced to separate from them, left to fight to defend the country.

Innocent spectators of the brutality and inhumanity of the conflict has arrived and continues to arrive with mothers, sisters, grandmothers. Among them there are many unaccompanied minors, which is welcomed by organizations active in the field. Many Italian families have made themselves available to welcome Ukrainian girls and boys, shows solidarity and provides a good example of integration. But it is not always easy and immediate to establish contact and a bond that is truly emotional support.

In this article, some tips for establish a relationship of trust and a peaceful atmosphere with children, through play and leisure activities.

What are leisure activities?

Leisure activities, ie activities that take place outside school hours, are interactive games and materialsmade to measure for girls and boys, which allows a playful involvement to learn while having fun, and which always keeps the interest and motivation high.

The importance of performing leisure activities is considered to be fundamental to psychophysical well-being for girls, boys and young peoplewhich proves to be the best means of inclusion and social equality.

When girls and boys engage in leisure activities, the benefits are exponential as they have a significant impact on their health and social development. In fact, playing and participating in leisure activities is a useful way to help girls, boys and young people to reduce emotional stressdevelop their individual personalities and even improve their social skillsas well as enabling them to transfer values ​​such as respect for the other, respect for peers, places and adults, teamwork, honesty, autonomy, independence and empathy.

7 leisure activities

So here it is 7 leisure activities that we propose to do in your spare time, which has purpose release tension and relieve stress.

  • Turn the omelette
  • Cross the river
  • The game with radioactive balls
  • The transition of trust
  • The museum in flames
  • United hands
  • Tableau vivant to actively enjoy the visual arts with the body

For more details, visit the Co-op Games page for Psycho-physical wellness workshop, where you will find other resources and activities designed for girls, boys and teens that they aim to encourage social and solidarity inclusioncreate a sense of community in the group based on the recognition of each individual’s value and build a climate of mutual trust and respect.

the many benefits

These leisure activities are built on one playing style based on acceptance and not on exclusion and judgment, through which everyone can find a better balance in a group. Collaborative games aim to play together to defeat one’s worries, insecurities, shyness, rather than an opponent. There are no winners, no losers, much less excluded, but the success of the game is in finding the way to be able to win all through cooperation and mutual assistance.

To find a solution to the game, it is important to look for ways to work as a team. In no case could the victory be achieved individually, as in most games, as everyone is faced with an external element. These games promote trust through one solidarity cooperation. With them, you can achieve common goals while having fun.

The suggested activities help girls and boys to understandthe importance of sharingas well as acceptance of oneself and of others in particular.

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