Ephemera Festival of Intangible Culture. Presented on 16 June in Udine – Friulisera

Baptiste Decavèle, Li… ografici vineyards Caterina Erica Shanta

The first Italian festival dedicated to Immaterial Culture conceived, curated and directed by Eleonora Cedaro, Michela Lupieri and Rachele D’Osualdo will be presented on Thursday 16 June at 18.30 at Martincigh Library, Udine Ephemera. Conceived and designed as a festival for all: for the communities living in its places, for curious people of all ages and nationalities, Ephemera will focus on some symbolic places in the natural and artistic heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia – Prato d ‘Arte Marzona, Vigne Museum, Palazzo Lantieri, Libreria Martincigh and Trieste Contemporanea – through a rich calendar of events from May to October that will merge different disciplines: dance performances, contemporary music and sound art, an artist residency, exhibitions of visual art, artistic and sports workshops . Ephemera was actually born out of the need to tell the contemporary. Ephemeral is the essence of art, of sociality, of the collective, of a time that has undermined its possibility of happening; but ephemera are also the traces left in individual and collective memories, in intimate and common places, in subjective habits and social rituals. In art, it is the fragments that tell the process that refer to the creation of the artistic, cultural and human event, the necessity, the persistence and the pragmatics. In contrast to the virtual ways of experiencing sociability experienced during the pandemic, this project proposes art forms that are activated only through physicality and interaction with humans. The natural landscapes of Carnia and the eastern hills, the historical and contemporary experience of Udine, Gorizia and Trieste will be the setting for a festival of performing arts, visuals and body disciplines. Traces of intangible culture will also be the real and symbolic dialogues between the artists and all the people who have left or will leave a trace in these places. After the first three upcoming events of the festival dedicated to the discovery of the venues of the event with art walks and workshops focusing on awareness through movement (May 28 and June 11 in Prato D’Arte Marzona, Verzegnis; May 29 at Vigne Museum, Rosazzo), Ephemera enters the heart of the activities on Thursday, June 16 at. 18.30 at the Martincigh Library in Udine, where after the official presentation of the creators and curators Eleonora Cedaro, Michela Lupieri and Rachele D’Osualdo, the exhibition Here, There will be inaugurated. & Everywhere by Riccardo Arena, Cristina Burelli, Michela Lupieri. From the bookcase to its showcases, a collection of fragments, tracks and ephemera forms a visual landscape, a geography to be crossed with the gaze, in dialogue with the festival’s themes and locations. The library space will also host Corposa: videos created by students from the Laboratory of Visual Elements of the Interior Design Degree Course by Politecnico di Milano coordinated by profs. Francesca Telli, Massimiliano Maini and Piero Pozzi. Based on the theme of the body as the glue between work and place, students developed scenographic projects inspired by the artistic installations of the contemporary art collections influenced by the festival locations, to tell them through videos that communicate the atmosphere and possible interactions. . Saturday, June 18 at 18.00 to 21.00 Prato d’Arte Marzona in Villa di Verzegnis, among Carnic Prealps, the dancers from Arteffetto Danza, coordinated by the choreographer Marta Melucci / Compagnia Schuko and accompanied by the voices of the Zahre di Sauris choir, will propose a series of performances in dialogue with the site-specific works by, among others, Sol LeWitt, Bruce Nauman, Richard Long, Dan Graham, who hosts the Prato d’Arte. The day opens with a moment dedicated to Yoga (9.00): a greeting to the sun for the beginning of summer. Tuesday, June 21 at At 8 pm, the Vigne Museum in Rosazzo – an artistic-architectural project created by Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle – will see a prestigious international guest, the American musician and composer Alvin Curran, perform in a sound performance of magnificent poetic intensity. On the same day, the summer solstice and World Music and Yoga Day – the intangible heritage of humanity recognized by UNESCO – a workshop will be proposed to celebrate meditation overlooking the breathtaking beauty of the Eastern Hills. Saturday, June 25 at 21.00 in the Palazzo Lantieri in Gorizia Fabio Accurso, Giorgio Pacorig and Veniero Rizzardi will propose to the public a suggestive sound performance for lute, keyboards and live electronics living in the palace ballroom, home of the important work Skies by Michelangelo Pistoletto. To anticipate the evening two moments dedicated once again to Yoga (18.30) and to Movement as a regenerative practice. After the summer holidays, Ephemera will end its activities in this first edition on Friday 16 September at 18.30 in Trieste Contemporanea with the personal exhibition of Riccardo Arena curated by Michela Lupieri. A new production conceived based on events, suggestions and tracks collected by the artist during the festival. The articulated festival will merge into a multimedia mosaic, available on the website www.ephemerafestival.it, – photographic video project by Caterina Erica Shanta, graphic design by Ana Laura Pascale. The results of the festival’s artistic workshops will enrich the platform: “Corposa” by the students of the Laboratory of Visual Elements of the project of the School of Design by Politecnico di Milano, “Walking Stories”, laboratory of the artist Rachele Maistrello for high school students and the experimental laboratory of video and performance created by Altreforme with primary school students.

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