Dress code at school? Giuliani: let’s focus on more serious issues – PODCAST

On DL 36 on the duty of teachers to educate themselves, the director of it School technology, Alessandro Giulianiin the appointment podcast by Radio Cusanowith Alessio Moriggiputs it this way: “It continues to be a mystery whose son this decree is, given that everyone is distancing themselves,” he explains, referring to recent statements from Conte announcing the cuts to the school that DL 36 wanted. we will not allow it.

“A decree introducing a new one recruitment and a new one education also to reduce Teacher card – adds the director – precisely when it was to be extended to include temporary staff, as determined by the European Court of Justice “.


“So we are going to fund compulsory education, which the unions and the political parties do not like. The strike has affected 20% of adherents, even for the 10,000 professorships that will fail from 2026. There will be a drop in admissions due to the birth rate: this is the government’s rationale. So why keep saying that the school is in the center of the country, if one then chooses to cut back on education? A contradiction that even Conte puts out, ”argues our director.

Switch to DL 36? “Probably someone, but I do not expect the big changes to come. The school deserved a separate provision, separate from DL 36 and Pnrr, but with this election the government wanted to get its hands on saying that the provision does not change as Europe has set aside many billions and we can not afford to wait ”.

Entrances in the role

“We are approaching a very complicated round of registrations in the role – specifies Alessandro Giuliani – they will touch 100,000, but we are for the fifteenth year with a number of candidates that are much lower than the Mef authorizations, and that also says a lot about fact that in recruitment we are stuck in the usual problems: next year we will find ourselves with 150 or 200 thousand annual temps, a number of posts in the role far below those given by Mef “.

Regarding the pandemic, the director comments: “Today, Minister Bianchi was in Bergamo at the end of the school year. We acknowledge to the Minister that the year was basically present, but that the state had to be closer to the school in the pandemic. Bianchi faced the pressure of local authorities pushing for school closures in times of Covid, in any case, the quality of education is that two years ago, nothing has changed.

Public competitions

Public competitions, a boom in failures, even a presidential candidate trying to copy risks a year in prison: Alessandro Giuliani also talks about this during the episode. “A fact that goes back to a few years ago, before the revision of the current public competitions, which were then transformed into closed competitions, which had peaks of 90% of those rejected”.

“This hopeful principal – he says – connected to headphones and a hidden smartphone to get help on the exam track. The investigations showed that it actually happened and therefore the candidate risks a lot because we are talking about a criminal act. One wonders how one can enter a competition with this approach. But at the same time – he continues – it should be noted the excessive selection of competitions, right from the stage prior to the tests, the pre-selection and the assessment of the entry requirements. You must have spent at least 5 years as a teacher to enter the competition for the leader, it’s still hard to think that not even 9 out of 10 candidates are worthy to come to the oral, a selection that goes beyond to harm the candidates, who make great sacrifices, prepare themselves with paid courses and then the 9 out of 10 are rejected ”.

Dress code in school

“Having to cope with the record heat makes us understand how difficult it is for teachers to try to maintain the dignity that the school, from the institutional place it is, deserves. But restrictions on clothing in primary school, to extend a regulation that applies to everyone, including the little ones, is not an exaggeration? Many parents have risen in the chat, are they right? “Asks Alessio Moriggi.

“There is a school provision and this regulation has been adopted by the school council and also goes through the parents’ consent – Alessandro Giuliani reminds us – where the parents give the green light, they naturally agree. But with all the problems we have with concentrating us about Bermuda shorts or the inches of shorts, “it is not appropriate,” perhaps it would be worthwhile to be more tolerant and concentrate energy on more serious aspects, problems that are now not tolerated because they are good for school, but because we have now put our souls in peace, I think of the treatment of the staff, of the temps who do not come, of the dilapidated laboratories, of the bathrooms on the verge of decency. “

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