Dining at the hotel: Osteriva in Murano

I was trying to cook Alessandro Coccocook offHotel Centric Hyatt in Murano. Said in this way, it may seem like a slavish repetition of a work habit that is always the same, but not. This was not just a gastronomic experience, but a dive into a reality with rare charm and a decidedly unique exclusivity.

TO Murano you can get them to tell you why the doge wanted to barricade all the glassmakers of the republic inside this small archipelago. You can listen to the pearls and their profession’s hundred years: professional female proprietors of an ancient art, where small glass balls were mass-produced to enrich a dowry made of delicate and sumptuous jewels (if you are interested, look for Monica Cavaletto’s workshop – FerroVetro, Campo Santo Stefano 7). You can, if you want, lose weight and look at the torched fire of the torch, which combined with a touch of genius transforms glass straws into dreamy sea landscapes dominated by meandering posidonia with changing colors (I invite you to visit David’s studio. The hotel).

In Murano you can rest after admiring the translucent beauty Venice. If you’re lucky enough to stay inHotels in Centric Hyatt you can tell yourself that you have slept in the old Palazzo delle Conterie, which in recent years has been transformed into a luxury and sophistication hotel that combines modern design with the fragile but impressive beauty of the glass sculptures (chandeliers, mirrors, lamps or installations) by the most famous local artists.

Venini and Barbini, to name a few. The works that catch the eye as you move through the hotel rooms are by these artists, who are gradually becoming more and more fascinated by the discreet diversity of harmonious but all different environments. Hotel guest, equipped with 119 rooms, I was able to admire the industrial architecture and the skilful restoration of the spaces, which without distorting themselves turn into lovely spacious and comfortable suites. I then came to test the restaurant, as I was pleasantly convinced by the structure’s many offerings.

In summer, the cobblestones in front of the reception welcome you to dehors Rivalonga Bar + Lounge, here, from breakfast to lunch, from aperitifs to evening cocktails, you can choose to enjoy a moment of relaxation. If you, like me, encounter a rainy day, remember that the outdoor terrace is repeated by an internal space, an intimate lounge area.

Otherwise you can choose to enjoy an aperitif inside Spritz & Fizz, the lobby bar, where you, in the middle of velvet and lacquer, can fully appreciate the carefree atmosphere of a Venetian holiday by the lake. At the counter you stop for a pre-dinner, a mixing masterclass or an alcoholic after dinner. Of course based on the region’s most famous cocktail: a signature Spritz, but which leaves plenty of room for a very careful selection of other spirits.

Behind the restaurant Osteriva is the kingdom of Alessandro Cocco. Abruzzese, 35 years old, traveled the apprenticeship from the Sofitel in Rome to Villa Borghese and then landed in Paris at Benoit by Alain Ducasse Bistrot. Ducasse, who often returns in his stories of cooking and life, even when talking about the relationship with Heinz Beck and the experience of Dubai on Social By Heinz Beck from Waldorf Astoria Palm. Worth noting in a career full of important names are the openings of the Tartufi & Friends restaurants for Sermoneta Luxury Food and the recent Venetian experience at the Hotel Metropole. This curriculum has made Chef Cocco an attentive and far-sighted professional. His cuisine seeks not the fantastic flicker, but rather the formal cleanliness of a Venetian raw material that brings the taste, unfortunately too little known, of these countries to the table.

We have tasted Calamari cooked, raw and fried harmonious circle around the catch, and then let’s keep quiet Raw pink and red shrimp lagoon, scallops, squid, volpina, liza aurata on ice, glass and smells. We switched to Potato gnocchi, Venetian porcini mushrooms and nepetellawooded and atmospheric at the same time, Squid stuffed with cabbage and potatoes with crispy artichokes Roman even in its lagoon essence. Well-balanced combination of the basement (interesting and promising for the future) served by a staff of rare skill.

We finished with Profiteroles filled with ricotta and sugar cream, hot chocolate sauce the hugs of the past that return in a few bites. The result is an intimate and serene experience paired with the chef’s determined but wisely conscious character. Personality that does not go unnoticed, kindly chats with us journalists, making us reflect on how unique (for us and especially for me) the lives of Venetians and Masters can be. Men and women who live most of their lives in contact with the lagoon move from one neighborhood to another by boat, carrying everything they need through the canals. If you happen to take a walk around the streets, you will realize how to buy fruit directly from a boat, where the vegetable shop controls a small hull that you can walk up to among the endless lanes of the lagoon and eat a good ice cream (Gelateria Murano the craftsman).

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