Design Week, Durini and beyond: eight events

There Design week it is impermissible. The events, installations, exhibitions, presentations are so many and varied that it is difficult to close them all in the neighborhoods. This year, there are also new small attraction poles or single proposals that are worth signing up for.

Design Week, events not to be missed outside the districts

The Milan Durini District (MDD) is transformed into the Milan Design District to bring together the 42 member brands of the MDD, all located in the historic center, under a single brand. During Design Week, new products are presented in original and unprecedented environments to enhance the design culture and manufactured in Italy. Inside the showrooms, there are meetings, exclusive and unprecedented exhibitions of products, interactions with the public, exhibitions and debates on design, lifestyle and sustainability. The main theme for this year’s “road project” is entitled Life & Nature Design: an urban forest with birch, hornbeam, perennial blooms and grasses is set up via Durini and via Santa Cecilia to emphasize the importance of respect for the ecosystem within the production processes.

A kind of new, small town is born in Città Studi. It happens in via Balzaretti, where the magazine of the artist Maurizio Cattelan Toiletpaper is located, already much photographed for the famous “lipstick” facade. For Fuorisalone, and permanently, the whole street becomes beautiful: Even the other houses have been painted with pictures by Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari by the architectural studio All Out Lab. street party by ORGANICS by Red Bull.
Via Balzaretti, 4

Exhibition project in one of the new districts of Milan by the Dutch studios Beyond Space and Organization in Design, set up in a post-industrial space of 10 thousand square meters. Inside, there is an exhibition where new international talents and some important brands in the sector meet. Over 50 projects have been presented, including Myrrh type by Italian Lorenzo Marini: a steel mirror room with suspended letters.
Via Barnaba Oriani, 27

Following its debut at the 2021 edition of Design Week, the Alcova proposal is back, an independent design platform that puts up exhibitions in historic but forgotten places in the city. The chosen place is the city park of the Military Hospital Center in Milan, where meetings, installations and performances take place in an area of ​​over 20 thousand hectares. Young talents exploring new technologies, sustainable materials and products, and figures already established internationally form the right mix of proposal.
Via Saint Bon, 1

During Design Week, Politecnico offers the best of its projects through exhibitions and presentations: three exhibitions by the Norwegian studio Snøhetta; opening to the public by the Gianfranco Ferré Research Center; Neighborhood self-portrait, initiative for direct citizen participation in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci; Designer X Designers, exhibition of teaching projects from the School of Design arranged on Campus Bovisa (Building B2) and much more.
Polytechnic Places

Throughout the duration of the Fuorisalon, the Le Cannibale agency offers a travel review of electronic music. Today, Tama Sumo and Fabio Monesi perform at Base Milano. Tomorrow Luwei, Velasco and Ferdinando Visone arrive at Castello Sforzesco. On Thursday, Tamati and Bolla Trio will play in collaboration with Santeria at Bosco Verticale. On the 10th and 11th we return to the base with Yu Su, Hiroko (pictured) and Dov’è Liana. On Sunday, the festival ends in Piazza del Cannone with Tagliabue and again with Fabio Monesi.
Base, Castello Sforzesco, Bosco Verticale, Piazza del Cannone

Black and white exhibition by photographer Silvano Pupella at the Sanlorenzo shipyards in the 1950s and 1960s. The exhibition, already presented at the Venice Biennale, can be visited at the One Works architectural studio as part of the Yacht initiative. Sails through design and technology for a sustainable sea. Pupella became a professional photographer at the age of 56, after a long career as a manager.
One works
Via Amatore Sciesa, 3

The showroom presents works by six artists: Isato Pruggers Studio lamps; the photographs Milan Landscapes by Sofia Mangini; the lampshades by Gemma Margalef Soldevila, inspired by the atmosphere of the Milan Icons themselves; the precious wooden pens by Frédéric Fesserel; the images of Bruna Rotunno from Tallulah Studio Art Gallery; the works in the Flowers series by Marta Fumagalli: plant fragments and cut insects in the drying phase.
Milan icons
Via Vincenzo Monti, 2

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