Contupesto 2022, flashmob event with 900 children at the Contubernio d’Albertis school

After two years of temporary suspension due to covid, ‘Contupesto’ returns to the equal school ‘Contubernio D’Albertis’. Wednesday, June 8, 2022, on the school’s main square, via Amarena 11 (in San Fruttuoso, across Piazza Solari), starts at 9.30, there will be a new flashmob, a video and movie with the 900 school children who are strictly dressed. in green and white, with mortars, bumps, aprons and chef’s hats. On the school desks, brought outdoors to the apartment, in plain sight, basil, parmesan cheese, Sardinian pecorino, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and salt, but also a thousand crostini with pesto, for the sweet tooth. ‘Contupesto 2022’: “For Genoese pesto, for Genoa and for our beautiful Liguria”, this is the slogan chosen for the day.

The ‘Contubernio D’Albertis’ institute, founded in 1863 in 2018 and in 2019, enthusiastically joined the initiatives of the Ligurian region to support UNESCO’s candidacy for ‘Genoese pesto al mortar’ as a World Heritage Site. The event ‘Contupesto’ was included in the plan of the school’s training offer to introduce children to Genoese pesto, the products, the tastes and the traditions of Liguria. The event, which gained protection of the municipality of Genoa and the Ligurian region,

The initiative involves all age groups, from children of one year or so in the nursery and to grow, the spring ward and the nursery, gradually continuing to grow up to primary and secondary schools to reach the grandmothers over 90 of the kindergartens. Department, living in the retirement home. An ideal generational passage of the traditional use of mortars and bumps; grandparents and children immersed in the characteristic scent of Genoese basil that shouts “The pesto has no age”. Ballets, drawings, posters, surprises, smiles, happiness, fun to discover and appreciate our traditions and our tastes and to ask to resume and continue to support the candidacy of Genoese pesto for UNESCO.

“All staff at the school and the ‘Contubernio’ Institute took part in the realization of the events – explains the director Gianluigi Magaglio – whom we thank for their full cooperation, as well as ‘our’ mothers and grandmothers, who in the early mornings spread pesto at will on croutons and bread “.

The numbers of the third edition of Contupesto

900 children from Contubernio schools, 25 grandmothers from the nursing home, 93 institute staff, 105 mortars, 160 basil seedlings, 409 drawings and posters on pesto, 1 cake design workshop dedicated exclusively to the green color of basil, 1,000 crostini with pesto, 40 kg trophy prepared on site , in the kitchen, by the chefs.

“This year – adds director Magaglio – will be with us, a very welcome guest, chef Roberto Panizza, well known throughout Italy, president of the cultural association ‘PalatiFini’ and also known by all as the world’s organizer promoter. The championship in Genoese pesto al mortaio, who follows the event step by step with surprises, anecdotes and tastings, among other things, some participants in the recent world championship in pesto will also be present to support the chefs and teachers, be able to share on social networks facebook, instagram, twitter , photographs and videos related to the events at the Contubernio School, using the hashtag #contupesto # contupesto3 #wilpesto #orgogliopesto #postailpesto #pestoascuola #contubernio #scuolacontubernio #iovadoalcontuioncontubercio supported the initiative with their products: Azienda Pietro Isnard i, Il Trofiaio, Tigullio Mi lk, Pastificio Novella, Il Pesto di Prà, Consorzio Basilico Genovese DOP, Traverso Frugt og Grøntsager “.

Those wishing to attend the event can call the Contubernio School Secretariat on 010.503.306) or be direct at 9.30 on the school grounds in Via Amarena 11. For those arriving by car, it is possible to park inside, for those arriving by bus stops number 84 and 381. The pedestrian entrance is from via Amarena 11, but also from via Ferretto (at the end of Via Donaver) and from via Savelli (near Piazza Solari). For information, you can also write to

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