Colombini reads the accusation: “No waste of the alleged culture, with me Lucca will be Tuscany’s true moral capital”

Ten questions and an appeal to voters. The same questions to all the candidates for mayor, to better express some points in their election program.

First date with Andrea Colombinirunning for mayor supported by the lists Again Italy’s democratic sovereignty And No green passport.

The time for voting is approaching after an election campaign that has only intensified in the past month. How do you rate this period of confrontation with citizenship?
It was and is a beautiful moment for me. Great affection among the people of Lucca, the popularity of the internet, which turns into personal appreciation, comparison and the opportunity to learn and understand the real problems of the city from the people. A life school and a moment of working together (with really enthusiastic and prepared graduates by my side) at a high level. And enthusiasm of people in front
our and my true news is to touch and feel and also moving. We hope not to disappoint those who support us, support us, but I do not think we do!

What are the three qualifying points for your program and which you are required to achieve within the five-year administration period?
Mowing and maintenance of streets and sidewalks all year round. Lucca trading town and the tertiary sector (culture, tourism and services) arising from Covid. Apparently no green passport, masks and similar nonsense for the next five years, no matter what happens.

What is the most important thing you would not do during the last ten years of administration?
All. After a thorough but not too much visit to the whole territory, we are witnessing the total failure of the policy of the Democratic Party in Lucca. Do you want proof? Even the Democratic Party proposes in its program things that it has promised over the last 10 years and has not achieved. Another proven test? Lucca goes from 30th place to 58th place in the classic Istat for quality of life. Do you want other evidence or is this enough?

Ecological conversion, a theme that is probably fundamental to future development and the survival of the communities themselves: what are the operations that can be carried out at the local level?
First of all, greater care of the territory. More free parking outside the walls, less follow-up traffic (hence less pollution
even in the city), greater care of the landscape and the rural outlying areas left to themselves. Favoring of alternative energies. But
remember that we are not in New York or Beijing, therefore our environmental problems are really relative and easy to solve, especially in relation to the heavy traffic around the city.

Culture and tourism, what is the model to be inspired by for a city like Lucca?
Lucca is Lucca. And as no one better than me in Lucca can testify even worldwide, Lucca is world famous for two
what is it. Le Mura and Puccini. The rest is beautiful, but not crucial, and the municipality is neither an entertainment agency nor an artistic direction. The city manages and already manages well what is (meaning 87 cultural associations and a really large and extremely productive sector) would be nice, especially without favoring friends of friends, as the Democratic Party has done for the last 10 years. No large cultural area
(sorry, but Lucca is much more than Pisa and Livorno …). No waste due to alleged culture (Giglio returns to a municipal company, with a manager and 4 employees and not with 25 people working indefinitely without producing anything significant), Boccherini
statized will allow us to save 2 million euros. Which we will use to promote the city online and in May take care of the territory and the city. Starting with the walls that literally stink of how they look. If appropriate additional funds are available, we will conduct additional events. Otherwise, it’s more than enough what we have, entertainment space (mostly underused by the way) included. Then Lucca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a project that I will carry out, whether he becomes mayor or not, because I have found the way to make it happen. And I will.

Territorial health: what would you ask the region to guarantee appropriate levels of assistance to the population?
No private health care, no incipient privatization of San Luca (sold out by Astaldi to foreign private groups), an increase in staff in San Luca, creation of a first aid even for the unvaccinated and no green passport and above all a public clinic for side effects vaccine and Covid.

Center and suburbs: what is needed to achieve a greater sense of security among residents.
Municipal police more around to guarantee a security check also visually: better than guarding the municipal area in the hunt for parking fines. Increase of municipal police staff. Presence of the municipal police in the villages of
constant and planned way.

Mobility: Do you agree with the projects already started for the road axes and the new ring road in Lucca? How do you intend to reconcile the movement of people and goods with environmental sustainability?
No road axis in San Pietro a Vico (a useless rape of the territory). Yes to Lungofiume from San Pietro a Vico to via della Scogliera, with a new bridge over Serchio (if built). No to the alternative (illegitimate) one-way street on Marlia avenue (we will also fight legally to carry out the order from the ministry canceling it and making it illegitimate), yes to a one-way project on the ring road pending the construction of our river project. So if you want the details, then see that the competent councilor in the region is Lucca and the Democratic Party: ask him since he has been there for five years and everything is still.

What do you think of the multi-utility project presented by the Tuscany region for public services?
Water must remain public. The city has sold out everything, according to Draghi’s and EU dictatorships, to get companies funded by individuals who want to double their bills to make a profit. Nothing to do: With us, water, which remains the last bastion as sanctioned by a referendum, will, however, remain good for all and cannot be privatized. The Florentine region collects water and money
other parts.

First hundred days of administration: what are the emergency measures you intend to take?
No green passport, masks and mandatory vaccination Now and forever. Immediate solution to the traffic problem in Farneta, working at
fitness center in San Pietro a Vico, mowing at least 4 effective times a year on all sidewalks, no summer festival in the historic center or
under the Walls (and in any case, those who use public spaces for major economic operations have to pay for them), no public land for two years for the service sector and street vendors, the “adopt an immigrant” project for controlled and integrated reception, the establishment of a web marketing office in Lucca municipality, integrated cleaning of the walls. Then we will do the rest step by step, and listen to the needs of the people of Lucca.

An appeal to the voters for the purpose of the vote.
After 10 years with nothing from the Democratic Party, after no one has traveled, in the city council (majority and opposition), a finger against the green passport, discrimination, illegitimate and illegal masks, mandatory unconstitutional vaccination (sentences, 34, in hand)! ), after two years of tragedy, vote for the only one who “really put his face on it” fighting an unprecedented local and national struggle.
And that in 33 years of social life he brought Lucca and his name together with Giacomo Puccini into the world (brought Puccini back to Lucca, the city that had almost forgotten him) and without public money. Now is the time for change and with great competent and willing candidates, with my guide (who may not be perfect, but who will always be ready to accept your ideas and suggestions because I remain and remain one of you) and with our ideas new, clear, simple, but achievable as soon as we manage it Lucca, the true moral capital of Tuscany. The capital worthy of its motto, Libertasfreedom, the freedom that I have been fighting for, in the name of the Constitution, since March 2020.

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