Cancer tongue at the school of magic (06/07/2022)

After the music videos, it brought them too and Sanremo in 2018that tutorial “Tumorial” (we had written about this) the young people under treatment all together‘Istituto dei Tumori in Milan’s thinking of becoming’ magical ‘ thanks to a magic course organized within Youth project designed to offer them special initiatives that provide new tools of expression through art and creativity.

‘Not long ago, I realized what magic is. I found that I spent a lot of time in a place that I thought was my biggest nightmare. That place has become my lifeline. For me, magic is a place where I am safe, not judged by my limitations and flaws, where I can express myself, where I know I am loved. In my life, I happened to feel so alone at the Youth Project ». These are the words from Marta, one of the young patients being treated at the Milan Cancer Institutewhich closes the video story of the experience of the magic course, and which better than any other explanation expresses the significance of this new path in the Youth Project with a focus on magic.

Course history

Before christmas, the boys under treatment have designed their magic cards, and then produced in a special edition of Modiano, with kings doing chemotherapy, queens wearing colored bandanas, infantry nurses and medical jokers. The initiative, which was very successful, so much so that the special cards, perfect as summer activity under the umbrella, were again made available for purchase at the solidarity e-shop of the Bianca Garavaglia Association, which since 1987 supports the activities of the Oncological Pediatrics of the Int , which promotes assistance and the promotion of research in the field of pediatric cancer.
In the coming months, 27 young patients between the ages of 14 and 24 (14 in treatment and 13 out of therapy) participated in a real magic and prestigious workshoprun by professional magicians: the the wizard Tittix, in six lessonsAnd Raul Cremona, for the last meeting.

“It was an exciting journey. The boys enjoyed listening to stories of magic and illusionism, learning tricks with cards, with rubber bands, with real and invisible balls. Time together was a time for laughter – and it’s already magic: laughter in a pediatric oncology ward – but above all time to share and tell., time to rediscover the magic of life, to try again to cultivate wonder and wonder, to seek lightness even in such a delicate moment of their lives “, says Dr. Andrea Ferrari, creator and leader of the Youth Project of Pediatrics of the Int.

The young patients would then share this experience with one video clip – titled “Come per Magia” – presented on Tuesday 7 June in the Bonadonna room at the Istituto dei Tumori in Milan.
Led by Alice Patriccioli, who has collaborated on the youth project for years, and Matteo Silva, an educator in the department, they invented a story – the story of a boy who decides to take part in the magic course to impress a girl he is in. .love with -, they prepared the manuscript, performed, recorded and selected the ones to be edited (during the video).

The youth project

Born in 2011, the youth project is an integral part of Int Oncological Pediatrics and is dedicated to young and young adult cancer patientswith the challenge of dealing not only with the disease but with the lives of children, let their normality and their strength come into the hospital. “The youth project continues our department’s attitude of being excellent in care, but also of paying attention to the patient as a person. These young people tell their experience with courage and with a smile on their face and are a source of inspiration and example for us “, declares Marco Votta, chairman of the Institute..
“The youth project proposes an interdisciplinary organization different from the usual standards, a new model for health culture”, continues Carlo Nicora, Dg Int. “The hospital thus also becomes a place where beauty and art are brought, where culture develops, as well as a place where one is treated and cared for”.

Alongside the creative projects that give young people opportunities to meet and have fun, and above all offer them special tools to tell their story, there are extremely important clinical aspects. “Distressed patients need dedicated centers and projects that are able to offer them all the global support they need because,” explains Maura Massimino, director of the Institute’s Pediatric Oncology Complex, “their lives are not completely suspended. of outbreaks of disease in everyday life, but it is also necessary to resolutely address the problem of the difficulty of accessing centers and treatment protocols “.

Every year in Italy, 800 young people between the ages of 15 and 18 become ill with cancer. The overall options for cure are good, but it is essential that patients are able to receive the right treatments, at the right times and in the right places, and this also in view of the fact that Andrea Ferrari emphasizes: ” For the same disease, a teenager is less likely to cure a child. Sick adolescents find themselves in a middle ground between two worlds, the pediatric oncology and the one for adult medical oncology; and sometimes this is paid for in the absence of dedicated protocols.

At the opening was the group that participated in the magic process – Photo from the Press Office

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