Audi meets Milan, the re-design of the future on stage

For the eighth year in a row, Audi confirms its presence at Milan Design Week as a co-producer of FuoriSalone through a series of comparisons and initiatives that in the 2022 edition will address some of the key issues related to sustainability such as regeneration, recycling of materials and re- design of the future.

During the Milanese event scheduled for June 13, the House of the Four Rings has set up the Audi House of Progress in “The Medelan” in Piazza Cordusio, where conferences and dialogues will be held on the various forms of progress and renewal used for near mobility and constructive methods. The focus of the planned conferences in the recently renovated (with low environmental impact) multifunction space of 1500 square meters will address the planet’s future, entrepreneurial responsibility, the role of communication in transformation processes, the vision towards a CO2-neutral supply chain, the use of renewable energy and possible solutions to harmonize human needs with industrial design.

Audi House of Progress will therefore be the stage for thoughts and words from Marc Lichte (Audi Global Head of Design) Johanna Klewitz, (Audi Coordinator for Sustainability), Henrik Wenders (Vice President Audi AG), Denis Mathieu, Sebastian Copeland, Monica Maggioni, Ilaria Capua, Francesca Gambarini, Charity Dago and Claudia Segre. Alongside the various interventions, the German producer’s house in Milan will offer the public the opportunity to admire live (also in live streaming at 16:00 on June 8) and as an absolute preview, the “Made in Italy” rendition of the urbansphere concept as well as avant-garde features of the A6 Avant e-tron concept and grandsphere concept.

If the shapes, content and design of the cars on display at “The Medelan” represent the expressive stylistic manifesto of the new Audi modus operandi in the field of electrification, the days 9.-10. June become deeper (again through the dialectical confrontation with experts and known industrial realities) the three thematic areas in the name of the House of Progress Recreate our planet, Recreate our community And Recreate our lives.

The first appointment of the House of Progress is instead planned today with “Fuoriconcorso quattro”, where the unprecedented publication edited by Guglielmo Mani (president of the Montenapoleone Association, with whom Audi has collaborated since 2014), explores the role and significance of the icon. technology and design that has been an integral part of Audi’s DNA for over four decades. By accompanying guests and visitors in the regenerative processes that have characterized the brand’s development in recent years, House of the Four Rings has envisioned further action at State University and in the famous fashion district, which for the occasion will be staffed with the entire range of Audi electric cars exhibited in via Montenapoleone.

Audi meets Milan: in the space of the House of Progress is a confrontation about the re-design of the future

The desire to create moments of exchange and comparison to sharpen cross-cutting knowledge and critical thinking has always been at the heart of Audi’s initiatives in Fuorisalone, and where the German House in previous years has also invested in the restoration of iconic places led by the resounding opening of Torre Velasca, lit by Ingo Maurer. The intervention on the impressive skyscraper with post-rationalist architecture is perhaps the most striking and visible example of the strong bond between Audi and Milan, which from 2014 onwards has found a complete and reflective expression in many other social and artistic initiatives. the exhibition of Yuri Suzuki’s masterpieces in Studio Mad Architects, and the installation of Hani Rashid on Arco della Pace with a soundtrack by Ludovico Einaudi.

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