Anastasia, Dr. Freud and adolescence

Adolescence knocks on the Krupnik house. Anastasia has turned thirteen, and many things have changed in her, a bubbly and sunny girl whom readers have already known and appreciated in the first two chapters of Lois Lowry’s family saga, brought back to Italy and published in Italy with a new translation of the publisher 21 letters. Anastasia and Doctor Freud (14 euros) is the always light and ironic story about the girl’s new ailments, about the answers that a thirteen-year-old feels urgent about his own new feelings, his own identity and his relationship with his parents.

With that mother and that father, and no less with the super-genius little brother Sam, who sometimes appears embarrassed in their behavior, and who at least looks at her with different eyes. But the beauty of the Krupniks is again their ability to be cheerfully resilient, able to handle even the most annoying situations – and a teenager in the family is often annoying – who question each other with infinite honesty and therapeutic irony. What Dr. Freud has to do with this story, readers must find out for themselves, but it is a fact that confrontation with such a monument of psychiatry, even if it is a little too silent and smiling, will ultimately have some beneficial effects in Anastasia . However, the hormones must have their way. Once again, Lois Lowry can not be missed. From 12 years

Oscar Talpone, a chef by profession, an investigator by passion, is back on track. So enthusiastic and willing, but so blind, that he ignores all the traces that shine on the scenes of the crimes, but which he, for obvious limits of sight, ignores beautifully. So here, after the story of the squirrel Armando’s disappearance, second episode of this series of detective stories aimed at the first readers, but also suitable for reading aloud to the little ones, the story’s storytelling mechanism forces them to sharpen their eyes and sat down cheerfully as the silly detective .

Detective Talpone. And the case of the Golden Lantern (Terre Di Mezzo; 12.90 euros) is located in one of the most exclusive inns in Bosco Millepini, where Talpone should enjoy a well-deserved holiday, except that a mysterious thief in the middle of the night steals a precious necklace from Countess Borromiao. What do the tracks say? Oh, if only the detective could open his eyes a little more. Fortunately, Talpone finds an unexpected assistant in Luigi, the night watchman. After all Sherlock Did not Holmes have his credible Doctor Watson? From 4 years

Mr. Gideon is just the guy there, drawn on the front of the book: low and fat, with a big dog on a leash, well-dressed and clearly dirty rich. A neighbor’s life and big dreams for the future. Does the description not suit you? The lie book (uovonero; 1 6 euros), which as a gadget boasts a ham sandwich, 468 pages and even a winning lottery ticket on page 505, he does not really tell us, after all, the warning is explicit: a liar means that in this story of rich people, dogs, musicians, parrots and hamsters, nothing that appears in the pictures is what is told in words.

Versatile writer and artist, super-rewarded author, Fabrizio Silei is an ingenious inventor of stories, masterful at delivering a fun story to young readers where you do not really know if the numbers or words lie. Who to believe? Where will the truth ever be? If you want to be a philosopher, you can think long and hard. But that is not the case here, doubt is also good for children, fun even more. From 4 years

What’s going on at the bottom of the ocean? Has anyone gotten into trouble? The shrimp is the only one who knows. And in fact, it is he who is to recruit the large rescue team needed for a special mission. What it is is impossible to reveal, and readers will only find out in the last few pages. About fifty sea creatures, all indicated by their names – from sardine to monkfish, from cod to seahorse to stingray, from tuna to great shark – answer the call and line up at the bottom of the sea like a small army ready to take action.

Meanwhile, they chat, show up, tell each other, play. Everyone says their opinion. Deliciously this album written and illustrated in bright colors by the Japanese author Tomoko Ohmura, What’s going on at the bottom of the ocean? (Babalibri; 12 euros), where in a grand finale we discover that unity is strength and that even the smallest contribution of each one can make a difference. From 3 years

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