Why so much hatred of the electric car?

Why so much hatred for the electric car? Two readers who do not understand everything ask for it this aversion. Vaielettrico answers. We remind you that your questions should be sent to the email address info@vaielettrico.it.

because so much hatredWhy so much hatred? / No one is forcing you to buy an electric car, yet …

“VI write because a question has been running through my head for a long time, especially every time I read in your newspaper critical readers against the electric. I do not understand what it does so divisive the topic ELBIL. I do not own an electric car myself, but I certainly will. But the fact that there is new technology arouses aversion in many people . Because?? No one imposes on any other person buy against your will and the technology is now more than tested“. Michelangelo.

because so much hatred
“The fear of modernity” libretto written by Piero Melograno in 1987.

Why so much hatred? The Italians have always been afraid of the new

Mauro Tedeschini answers. Admittedly, a fairly widespread hatred for the electric car also shines through in the many comments to the articles published on Vaielelektrisk. The reasons? Are so many. The first is the Italians’ age-old aversion to modernity. Often expelled by insinuating the suspicion that any technological innovation hides the machinery by some malicious person. Machining that today is easier to develop gthanks to social media, which of the alleged reasons is a formidable sounding board. You write that there are those who will force you to change established habits too take a lot of money from you And that’s it. But even before social media, Italians were cautious, unwilling to change. That was in 1987, when the historian Piero Melograni wrote a booklet entitled “The fear of modernity“, In which episodes were told that today seem incredible. Examples? When the first televisions entered the homes, many Italians covered the screen with a cloth at night, fearing that from there they might spy on you in the house. “

because so much hatredThe enemies of electric cars? Nostalgic for the horse’s noise and nuke …

“CI will continue to follow your articles and readers’ comments. It is undeniable that, in addition to the existing objective boundaries, there are some confusions in the vision of future mobility. That’s right, the charging stations they are not as prevalent as distributors. But let’s try to stop and think for a moment. To build a fuel station, you need a dedicated space for excavating tanks and the entire structure. The installation of a pillar can be done more or less anywhere, requiring less effort and faster times. Moreover carry energy Traveling on cables is much simpler and less wasteful than fuels that require tankers, pipelines and trucks. With what it comes for traffic and environmental impact. We are at an epoch-making turning point. Like in the early 1900s, when the first cars arrived. Considered useless by the skeptics of the day, who saw the horse as in previous centuries the only possibility of drive. Today we look with fear at a horizon that is not new, has been tested for decades and will soon be the only obstacle, autonomy, will be resolved. To those who are nostalgic for the noise of internal combustion engines, I answer: their comrades were those who regretted the horse’s neighbor“. Charles

because so much hatredMany Italians want to take sides, do not understand

Mauro Tedeschini answers. The above considerations are valid, with an addition: Politics has unfortunately convinced the Italians that it is always necessary to take sides. on one side or the other. In general. You join a faction and save yourself the hassle of thinking about understanding from time to time who is right and who is wrong. We have said a thousand times that electric mobility is for many, but not for all. And that before you buy a battery-powered car, you need to check that you have the right conditions to do so. There may be arguments for or against thermobiles. And so for the electric. But often we do not prefer to go into the benefits: we choose a preconceived attitude, and we stick to it. A little too lazya little for something else that it is better to shine over.

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