The second edition of the States General World Labor of Culture presented

ROM – Following the success of the first edition, held since June 21-24, 2021 to ParmaCapital of Culture in 2021, the Stater General World Labor of Culture, presented on June 6, 2022 by Sala Laudato Ja of the municipality of Rome.

Organized in collaboration with Artemisia and with the support of Generali Value Culturethey will take place to Bonaparte Palace in Rome (Piazza Venezia 5) starting from Tuesday the 21st as far as Friday, June 24, 2022. Four days of daily meetings in attendance, which will have as a topic the issues associated with the world of cultural work, a fundamental asset for Italy, which will be analyzed under all its various aspects and any possible involvement.

Among the main characters in this second edition: Miguel Gotor, Cultural Council in the municipality of Rome, the senators Nunzia Catalfo, Valeria Fedeli And Michela Montevecchi, Roberto Giacobbo, TV host, journalist and writer, Maria Pia admired, Director of RAI Fiction, Livia Turco, President of the Istituto Romano San Michele and President of the Nilde Iotti Foundation, Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence with a video contribution, Monica Guerritore, actress and author, Patrizia Monterosso, Director-General of the Federico II Foundation, Domenico De Masi, Occupational sociologist e Francesco Giambrone, Superintendent of the Rome Opera House.

The program

The inauguration of the event takes place in the morning d Tuesday, June 21st. The main characters will be national and local institutions that will discuss the importance of culture as a focal point for the relaunch of the country.

In the afternoon they meet culture and skills and methods and procedures that can be used to support the relaunch of the sector will be analyzed.

On the second day in Wednesday, June 22nd focus will move to FinTech, an increasingly fundamental theme in the artistic-cultural field. Some of the leading experts in the field will speak and develop in depth such as FinTech can assume a significance and a weight, which is now indispensable, as a driving force for the development of art and related activities.

In the afternoon we will talk about a very important asset for our country, namely that museums. The main figures in this meeting will be the directors of some important Italian museums, who will talk about their experiences and the initiatives taken to support the relaunch of the artistic-cultural sector.

Thursday, June 23 it will be the turn of art movement in Italywhere some of the new artists will speak to talk about their projects and illustrate the essence of contemporary artistic movements.

In today’s second agreement we will talk about new protectionor how important it is for companies to invest in art and the benefits that can come from it.

“States General of the World Work of Culture” concludes Friday, June 24th with the meeting dedicated to dissemination of Italian culturewhere important cultural mediators will talk about how culture can be an important lever for investment and employment.

The closing ceremony of the event takes place at the afternoon meeting dedicated to mayors and councilors of culture of the most important Italian art cities who will discuss projects and ideas on cultural development.


The meetings will be broadcast live online with double daily agreement, from kl 10.00 on 12.00 and from the hours 15.00 on 17.00The events are free and available to the public:

· in presence with registration at

· online from the profiles of Stater General World Work:

Statens General World Labor of Culture is sponsored byMinistry of Culture in the municipality of Rome and from Federico II Foundation in Palermo.

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