The national health system, in my opinion, this could be reconstructed

It’s been years since ours The national health system suffers. Yet he is young: With a little over forty, he should instead be in full strength.

Private accreditation, which should have given new life, has been devastating especially in the region of Lombardy where accredited private hospitalization covers 60% of the citizens’ health and medical services. Without control.

The management of all healthcare services is the basis for security that what needs to be done is done in the best possible way, without wasting resources, but above all, that it is done when the benefit outweighs the risk, and that any action, even more so when it comes to health, is sufficient, not abused.

Accredited individuals must be met on site. New doctors and nurses are needed, so it will be useful to reopen more flexible access to specific examinations. But it will take years.

Without doctors, it is useless to build new structures as anticipated by Moratti reform! Time and money wasted. The continuity houses will be built and renovated, but will remain cathedrals in the desert. Without doctors, there will be situations, such as those in neighboring Veneto, where emergency rooms are also managed by private cooperatives, increasing the company’s costs of replacing the public sector. We are not talking about accredited individuals who often do not even have first aid and resuscitation, which in emergencies is, as we have seen with the pandemic, indispensable.

For this reason, immediate action must be taken by obliging general practitioners at national level to no longer be accredited individuals, but public. They must not barricade themselves in their studies protected by often unaffordable secretaries. Are they complaining because they have high costs of managing the secretary’s office and the utilities? Let’s help them, and let’s help the system, let’s make them state employees and gather them in structures in public hospitals to make up real departments of territory where they are on call, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, available to patients and make the first filter with the citizens so that the emergency room is time for real emergencies. But not only. We allow GPs to do it themselves freelancer, required and not mandatory for the patient, outside working hours but inside the hospital. No cost but with maximum earnings in percent. They will also feel more protected in direct contact with specialists. In this we are investing the 71 billion euros they want to use to reform territorial aid !!! Let’s not throw them away with useless suggestions that are only useful for defending the cast.

In the same way, we oblige the employed doctors to make private visits to the hospital and leave the maximum benefit percentage. We will oppose the percentage payment for services they receive in accredited private facilities in return for annual visits, exams and interventions. Doctors are often asked how many surgeries they would take before their professionalism is considered! An account absurd and not predictable unless one visits, investigates or even worse, operates unnecessarily. But without control …

Everything must be changed to return to the beloved public hospital, to ensure the resumption of the national health system without ifs and buts. There health must return predominantly, not the budget. Of course, at the same time, there are also nurses who are now moving, taking from the doctors, in a structure that pays better. Without thinking about professionalism. I think that in order to keep them as well, it would be necessary to suggest a percentage on the doctor’s private visit that would help him with his material execution. I give an example. The private specialist visit costs 100, -, 70% to the doctor, 15% to the nurse and 15% to the structure that, for example, could “use” the instrument companies to update the equipment and save money.

Here, too, I give an example. Instead of making public calls for new instruments that are always “built up”, as I demonstrated many years ago, we agree with the company, e.g. in ophthalmology, about using intraocular lenses of their brand and in exchange for phacoemulgator, which is used to remove cataracts, is given in the management without having to buy it.

So much could be done, simply. But many people can slip into the folds of complications, not everyone is honest and respects the rules.

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