The inventory of life in these pyramids, and the fountain of serpents –

from Francesca Pini

Design Week is about to begin, and Milan is already sold out, to a recovery that appears to be at a high level. Exhibitions at the Triennial, at Stelline, at State University, at Darsena and of course in Brera, the focal point of the Fuorisalone event

Data shapes our lives. The French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has been able to transform them into sculptural objects, into black anodised aluminum pyramids, which make up his installation Inventory of life , at the Milan Triennial (from 3/06). These abstract sculptures contain important information about our and the planet’s life. By parading in front of these pointed forms, one will find humanity, its energy and its development, says Lehanneur, who e.g. for the realization of one of these is based on figures provided by the UN for the census of the world population: the one south of the Sahara – very young – stands out, while the one describing Japan has a much wider base, reflecting the life of the Japanese. And then there is the Earth’s silver pyramid, which represents the “globe”.

A new one is attached to this installation (already presented at Art Basel Design in 2019), a series of white canvases framed with holes in the middle, of varying diameter. Here he addresses the issue of happiness and depression in our society. I have data from the WHO’s suicide rate. Unexpectedly, in the rich South Korea they are very high compared to Brazil, where there is greater poverty. So here’s a small hole. This my work does not want to be anything disturbing, but only a tangible representation. Also at the Triennial, the Japanese craftsmanship in woodworking, which is continued by the brand Koyori, is improved in a series of chairs made by the brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and by the Italian-Danish duo GamFratesthat.

The good life in French and Dutch style

Moving to corso Magenta 63, the French art of living proposed by the Institut franais in the Palazzo delle Stelline (from 7 to 12/06), with a journey into an interior that not only offers furniture (such as the armchair) Loggia with the marble structure of Pierre Gonalons), but which are also associated with these works of art selected by the galleries Monica De Cardenas, Antonia Jannone and Viasaterna. If we go back, via Meravigli 7, in Palazzo Francesco Turati, we meet the project Masterful Dutch design (picture at the top right, Aectual’s 3D printed screens).

A historic courtyard

The convent of State University, the scene of spectacular installations. The designer Elena Salmistraro at Salonen with various creations, dedicates herself to creating a pop portal / fountain (referring to the Lion’s Gate in Mycenae), inspired by the mythological monster with seven and more heads, fought by Hercules. But if one head of the water hose fell, another immediately grew back. The Salmistraro, with Hydra’s voice, for Guglielmi rubinetterie, interprets this continuous reform in the sense of regeneration of life through a vital source. And while the classic iconography depicts the Hydra in a horrible way, here made captivating.

Eternal enemy plastic? If it is 100% recyclable, it becomes a post-consumer material. That Labyrinthaven (edited by Raffaello Galiotto for Nardi outdoor) composed of 419 modules covering the surface of the 625 square meters of the courtyard with a 5 meter high tower in the middle, which can be accessed to observe the labyrinth, where one can get lost from above. Light is lifearchitect installation Chestnut Ravelli all played in natural and artificial light. Five egg-shaped shapes (quote from Piero della Francesca’s Pala Montefeltro) over 2.60 high, which during the day capture the light with many mirrors, while the magic in the evening lights up with LEDs. A piece of factory, a real industrial installation, is brought here by Sanlorenzo Yacht.

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