the best destinations between sea and mountains

Holidays with small children are, as you know, perhaps not particularly relaxing for us parents, so it is important to choose the best destinations, best suited and in accordance with your children’s age, to avoid getting more tired than before. The best destinations, between sea and mountains, when we go take small children on holiday they must always coincide with those who make our lives easier, everyday, to avoid that after a holiday one needs another to recover.

Before you see best destinations between sea and mountains, some premises need to be made. First of all, when booking a family vacation, for its success, we need to take into account the age of the children, their attitudes, interests and passions. All of this has a great deal of weight in identifying destination to choose for the holiday, and it is important to keep all family members in mind. Better to divide the holiday season between one destination and another, to satisfy everyone’s needs, than to spend 3 weeks in a row in the same place, if this only satisfies the desire of one of the little brothers and sisters. Let’s think about the different lifestyles and ways of entertainment and relaxation in a 3-year-old, one in 6 and one in the pre-teen years.

Holidays and children: short tips

First tip, dedicated to those who were in doubt about a beach holiday and one in the mountains. In these cases, in principle between the sea and the mountains, when you have very young children, the second is one more relaxing destination, especially for us parents and not just for a matter of temperature. Better to choose a few more days in the mountains to the detriment of the sea, even though we have salt water in the veins. The more extended rhythms, the walks in the green, the less confusion will help us get over the fatigue of the year, more than up and down the coast in search of our prodigal son under an umbrella!

Second advice, dedicated to those who are already “tired”. If we have just given birth and we also have other young children, we are looking locally for help, someone who will give us the opportunity to give the right attention to everyone, but also to get well and get over the fatigue of pregnancy. In these cases, a vacation without travel, which remains permanent, is definitely the best choice.

Third advice concerns the issue of good eating habits, which must be respected wherever we are. When we think of young children’s delicate relationships with food, we must always pay attention to the nutrition of children on vacation. In the summer, it is normal to be more flexible both in terms of lunch and dinner time and what to eat, but it is important to remember the basic principles of proper dietary health, also because once you are home, it may not be easy to restore the rules.

holiday with children

The best destinations in the mountains

Let’s start this journey in search of the best destinations for holiday with small children, speaking of the mountain. There are many mothers and many fathers who have discovered the beauty and comfort of spend the summer in the mountains, only after the first holiday with the kids. This is because the daily life of the mountain holiday is simpler also in relation to the availability of family-friendly facilities. Some regions, such as Trentino for example, have made theirs core business!

The mountain holiday, for small children, has many benefits in the form of:

  • clean air
  • original activities to do in the open air
  • more extended rhythms

If you have particularly small children, up to about 3 years old, for your mountain holiday, you need to equip yourself (rent them directly on site) with special strollers or baby backpacks. And for bike lovers, thanks to the electric ones, it will be easy to carry them with you without them weighing too much.

The Trentino Alto Adige has certainly, from the point of view of accommodation facilities and activities dedicated to children, Oscar for Mountain Holidays. It is not an economic solution, it needs to be clarified, but it deserves to be tried, then to determine if it is worth it. In general, we do not regret it!

Here are the most popular mountain places:


San Candido

Alpe di Siusi

Val Gardena

Val di Fassa

Val D’Ega

cortina d’Ampezzo


Madonna of Campiglio

The charm of the Dolomites, the paths created ad hoc for children between farms, playgrounds and farms, low holiday in the mountains, excursions and trekking, more within reach of our children. They will be more motivated to grind miles in front of the goal with beautifully designed games and structures created specifically for them.

But all over Italy there are valid nature trails, suitable for children. In all regions, including the center and south, you can go hiking with your family, with varying degrees of difficulty. Let’s see a close selection.

Excursions and trekking:

Monti Sibillini National Park


Orfento Valley

Sila National Park

The Regional Park at Mount Subasio

Nera River Park

Finally, there are also great destinations abroad, but if we are thinking of particularly young children, we generally prefer to have the first experiences in Italy, also because long trips by car with children can be exhausting.

Last warning to expectant mothers and to babies under years, they are strong Some heights are not recommended, which endangers health. For this reason, before departure, it is necessary to discuss with the gynecologist and pediatrician to be sure that the chosen destination is suitable.

holiday with children

holiday with children

The best destinations by the sea

With young children, the holidays that suffer the most from strong compression in terms of relaxation, compared to before children, are definitely those by the sea. The, ante children, is generally characterized by relaxation, swimming, reading books, playing beach tennis, aperitifs at sunset. Most of these things, when children are small, have to give way to other activities: changing diapers on the beach, coming and going after the time, up and down the water’s edge with the pram, spreading … until kl. search for the lost child in the company. We have simplified with some jokes, but there are no parents who can say otherwise, on life experience to the sea with small children!

On the beach, due to the scorching sun, not only is it necessary to respect certain time intervals, but there is a whole theme of management and daily activities with preparation to go to and from the sea, which risks straining the days. For this reason, villages are a great option for families: the help of a mini and baby club, for example, helps keep children under control and entertained, to give us a refreshment.

Speaking of rest, when it comes to beach holidays, there are many families on the campsite who opt for this formula. This is a type of vacation that requires a personal disposition of all members of the family. Going camping with children is fun, but it is not the convenient solution par excellence, especially when it comes to young children.

With small children by the seawe must choose:

  • shallow sea
  • wide and sandy beach
  • houses very close to the beach
  • institutions with facilities for children

In this case, for sure southern regions and the Adriatic coast they are the most sought after for vacations with children. In general, the most popular regions for this type of holiday are definitely Emilia Romagna, Marche and Puglia. Sardinia, magnificent and sought after by many, poses the problem of the ferry or plane, so it is a solution that risks becoming more expensive and not suitable for everyone, especially in high season.

Here are the best destinations for the sea:





San Benedetto del Tronto

Roseto degli Abruzzi


Porto Cesareo

Campo Marino

San Vito lo Capo

More and more families are choosing too Balearic Islands as a summer holiday destination, with small children. Especially the island Ibiza offer beaches also suitable for families Novice. Direct and short flights help to travel and also make them suitable for those who need to move with prams. Now many couples rent the celebrities year after year studiesespecially between June and September, so as not to experience the crowds of high season, to be able to enjoy the beauty of wide beaches with your young children.

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