The art of weaving and creating in “Fashion show. By thread and by character”

PERUGIA – The yarn is a set of textile fibers of vegetable or animal origin held together by a twine to form a thread. Based on the simple interweaving of weft and chain, the basic principle of all forms of weaving, it is possible to obtain fabrics so rich and special that the old weaving art has been a symbol of the intertwining of time and space that gives rise to life for millennia. , image of the mystery of existence and creation.

Quickly scrolling back in time, from the Mayan goddess Ixchel, who feeds the world with the thread that comes out of her body, to the Scandinavian witches, fate weavers who sit at the roots of the tree of life, to Penelope, who only in the silence of His infinite canvas he is able to express his will to the Dogon of Mali, who in the mouth and vocal cords of their ancestors saw a tissue that generated textiles and words, the action of weaving becomes the very action of creatingaction with a thousand potentials, where every single thread is a drawing in the huge picture of life.

Weaving and storytelling thus become two sides of the same coin and thread, a magic pen for telling the world and oneself.

The same thread that reaches us, the students on“Pietro Vannucci” Art Academy has collected and used for the realization of “Fashion show. With thread and on characters”, A parade under the stars to show the public the clothes made by the stylists who grew up in the last few years at the Department of Higher Artistic Education, whose presentation took place today in the academy’s main hall.

The show itself, whose general coordination is entrusted Elisabetta Furin, coordinator of the Department of Design and Applied Arts, who pulled the strings for the initiative along with the Administrative DirectorDomenico Ferreratakes place on Thursday, June 9 at. 20.30 in the atmospheric convent of the San Francesco al Prato complex, seat of the old institution.

Everything takes shape from Fashion Design Address Laboratory, in the third year, coordinated by the teacher Serena Logozzo with the setup designed by the teacher Marta Crisolini Malatesta, contact person for scenography school; the organizational management of the show is entrusted Laura Cartocci; Paul Robb from the studio signs the pictures, videos and animations Salt pepper.

“Today we presentrepresentative and summary event for the first 3 years of the new school of fashion design – highlighted the President of the Academy FoundationMario Rampini, during the presentation of the Fashion Show – the first of a series of events linked to the course in its various forms. A major event aimed at putting students in touch with the most significant representatives of the sector’s entrepreneurial panorama, both regionally and nationally.

Our fashion design school – stressed teacher Elisabetta Furin – is the first and is still there at the moment‘the only course in Umbria recognized by the Ministry of University as equivalent to a three-year degree in the fashion sector. Three years after its birth, we present the first fashion show at our academy, which this year will see the first students complete the study cycle. The students designed a personal collection of clothes and accessories, of which they made three outfit each to the fashion show with the precious support of the teacher in Fashion Modeling, Francesca Tacconi“.

Each student elaborated on the theme, according to their own interpretation, at different levels: “Mythological“(The Fates, Ariadne’s Thread, the Constellations);”Material“(Macro and micro weaving, weaving, macramé, knitting);”Naturalistic“(Plants and animals producing yarn);”Conceptual”(Graphic elements interpreted as threads / embroidery / seams). For the content attached to the sign, some parameters were taken into account, including sustainability, innovation and support for the improvement of the territory. The choices in terms of seasonality, the line of clothing, the goal were set freely.

The 24 outfits that will parade in public were created by: Dayana Carolina, Salvador Centeno, Alessia Checcucci, Fabiola Pia Dimasi, Muchen Liu, Luca Mattioli, Enkhzaya Otgondemberel, Sabrina Ben Salem, Li Zining.

With thread and sign – explained Serena Logozzo – it is a collection that would like to emphasize the importance of origin and the communicative power of the fashion product. The main theme of the project is based on two basic elements: Thread, at the origin of all textile processing, a useful starting point for the development of new forms and new combinations, the basis of the life of any garment; that Signprimary purpose of the “mode” phenomenon within a communicative system formed by a signal, a reference and a referent referring to a content. The undisputed protagonist is therefore the Thread, whose symbolism has always been linked to life: Kassia St Clair, ne World plot (2019), recalls the Roman myth of the destinies that controlled human destinies through the thread: “When we think about our lives and the way we are in the world, this myth repeats as a constant. (…) We trust a semantic tradition that goes back thousands of years, the tissues and their components have become the physical metaphor for human life, of its deepest part.

The event is organized by the academy and sponsored by the municipality and province of Perugia and will have the entrepreneur and stylist as godmother Nicoletta Spagnoli.

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