Summer camps for children, here are the possibilities in the town of Piombino

PIOMBINO. Now the end of the school year is near and it is time for parents to choose the right summer camp for their children. There are also many options this year in Piombino municipality, where the associations have until June 17 to be accredited.

Summer camps 0-3 years

Hop-there childhood nest from July 1 to August 12 in via San Francesco, 18. For info Cristiana Menti and Laura Cinquetti 345 7782470 or

Le Coccinelle Kindergarten July 1 to August 12 via San Francesco, 79. For info Silvia Trombi and Veronica Carletti 328 23770490 or

Nido childhood Tana free all from 4 July to 26 August multifunction center via Modigliani, 51. For info Federica Mazzei 329 7944127 or

Childhood space game Marameo from July 1 to July 31 Park March 8. For info Sara Ghiandi 0565 494882 348 4628981 or

Summer camps 3-18 years

For the age group 3-18 years, there is already a large list, also in this case subject to further additions until Friday 17 June.

Swim with us Asd from 13 June to 14 September on the beach in Salivoli. A summer center for children from 4 years and up, centered on nature and sports and play on the beach. For info Gianna Giannullo 333 3784215 and Paola Pierotti 333 5734361 and

Hop there from June 20 to August 12 in via Veneto, 15 suitable for 4-10 year olds. Play outdoors and with water, paint, homework for vacations and activities in nature, For info Cristiana Menti and Laura Cinquetti 345 7782470

Sailing school FIV from June 20 to September 9 at the Centro Velico Baratti from 6 years to have fun while learning the basics of sailing. For info 388 9025548

Ciasa from 13 June to 29 July in via Anne Frank, 5. Solfelt from 4 to 11 years, provided for playful, recreational and psychomotor activities, homework for the holidays and a day a week mascot and extra activities with Legehus. For info Piero Mannelli 388 6333146 and Franco Spica 328 8003532 0565 220686 or and

Nature Fields – Etruscan Coastal Guide Center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in July from 8.30am to 12.30pm at the WWF Oasis. We accept children from 6 to 12 years. Visits to the oasis, use of binoculars and recognition of animals and plants, theme games and recreational activities. For info Silvia Ghignoli 389 9578763 or

Asd Piombinese Tennis from June 13 to August 5 for children from 2008 to 2017. Outdoor games, ABC of tennis, basketball and team games. For info contact the secretariat 0565 224848.

Olympic swimming Piombino from 13 June to 5 August at the municipal swimming pool via Lerario, from 3 to 12 years. Activities in the park such as the construction of a small botanical garden and in the swimming pool, access to water and English lessons with teachers. For info Massimo Giuliani 334 6643070 and Silvia Landi 348 7321913 or massimogiuliani @ gmail.comolimpicnuotopiombino @

The ladybirds from July 4 to August 12 in the church of San Giuseppe Artigiano in Salivoli, from 3 to 6 years, you can also play with water, graphic workshops, outdoor readings. For info Silvia Trombi and Veronica Carletti 328 2370490 320 4672534 or

Shaka Sup & Surf from 13 June to 15 September in Baratti for children aged 8 to 14 years. Summer sports camp aimed at socialization, fun and water sports. Available for testing before start. For info Riccardo Rossi 371 3189609

Welcome and accompany from July 4 to September 9 in the outdoor area of ​​San Francesco Parish for children ages 6 to 14. Performing summer homework, school refund and games. For info Francesca Barone 347 1218428, Alice Markets 329 2969264 or francescabarone79 @ gmail.comalicemercati @

Ad Maiora summer camp from June 13 to July 29 Il Falcone, 4 Salivoli. From 5 years and up, it includes dance, art and visual, theater and school assistance. For info Elisa Fabiani 333 4916954 or;

Tana free alle from 4 July to 26 August in the multifunction center, via Modigliani, 51. From 4 to 14 years, activities in the garden, physical activity, playful and creative, day in the pool. For info 0565 1970777 Claudia 378 3020232

Piombino Athletics Center from June 20 to August 12 on the athletics track and by the sea. For the activities at Simeonelejren we accept children from 4 to 13 years, for the sea we take from 6 to 13 years. Theater workshops and motor activity summarized as follows: running, jumping, throwing. For info Maddalena Quilici 340 3386837

Samarkand from 4 July to 9 September Giardino via dell’Arsenale. From 6 to 11 years open to everyone. Activities include holiday lessons, small excursions in the Piombino area, strengthening the Italian language and games. For info Jacopo Formaioni 0565 226204

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