special project for Milan Design Week

Citroen Ami’s revolutionary electric mobility arrives at Milan Design Week. Citroen’s compact electric quadricycle meets the new needs for mobility and environmental impact, and is distinguished by its modern character and a decidedly original design. With the Citroen Ami, the French manufacturer has revised all codes, starting with the ultra-compact dimensions that go through the reduced volumes, up to the symmetrical design and the original graphic approach. Convenient and easy to use; the recharging is completed in just three hours from a regular household plug. Its strong identity is further underlined by a decidedly varied universe of adaptations.

The high potential with regard to customization of the Citroen Ami it then meets the design world and becomes an inspirational object for 5 designers who have interpreted it according to their style, sensitivity and their own artistic spirit. The project was born out of the meeting between Citroen Ami and Rossana Orlandi, internationally recognized gallery owner and authentic discoverer of new design talents, or a reference for the city of Milan. Today, Rossana Orlandi is an ambassador for the Citroen quad bike, which for her represents a product of personal mobility in the cities and can be completely customized. Rossana Orlandi simply calls her “mon AMI” and imagines her as her pet who will accompany her on all her walks around the city.

The project between Citroen Ami and Rossana Orlandi involves five other artists

The meeting with Citroen Ami is at the center of a project where Rossana Orlandi involves 5 artists and designers internationally known, the so-called “Les AMI de Ro”, which is entrusted with the adaptation of just as many Ami. Each of them characterizes and personalizes it according to their wishes and gives life to 5 additional design creations, 5 unique and exclusive objects achieved based on the iconic shapes of the Citroën Ami. The 5 custom “cars” will be unveiled on the occasion of the opening of Milan Design Week, in the Ro District at Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Via Matteo Bandello 14where they remain on display until June 12 next.

Each of the 5 Citroen Ami is further enhanced by the platform on which it is located, which exactly matches the decoration for a beautiful state of continuity. In addition to reinforcing the authors’ creative touch, the five platforms are part of the framework and are covered in recycled plastic, a strong reminder of respect for the environment.


These are the unique and exclusive interpretations of the 5 designers for “Les AMI de Ro”:

  • Daniela Gerini, stylist and designer who loves to experiment in different sectors, from art to theater to fashion, with a personal interpretation of colors and shapes. His creativity expresses energy and movement as well as lightness, irony and poetry. All of these elements are found in its personalization called “Kerryon”, which covers the Citroen Ami with a lively combination of colors;
  • Yukiko Nagai, artist designer originally from Japan. At the bottom of his work, he reproduces the textures of different types of material with the mosaic. Through the use of mosaic, it evokes the appearance and volume of wood or fabric, and briefly deceives the eye of the viewer, who, once touched by the work, realizes that it is not as it looked. The same mosaic effect is found on its adaptation, called “Tessera,” in which an elegant floral decoration encloses the outer volumes of Ami;
  • Paola Navone, visionary designer. She works in many creative sectors as an architect, product designer, interior designer, designer of shops and restaurants, curator of exhibitions and events and teacher. He expresses all his talent on the Citroen Ami, dressed in randomly distributed dots, as if they were handmade with a stencil, white on black. The adaptation is called “BRUM”;
  • Obradovic digs, multidisciplinary artist working in furniture, textiles and interior design. She boasts a diverse background ranging from fashion to arts to crafts. His artistic approach to material and composition is unique. Draga adapted Ami with the same mood that characterizes his resin creations. The result is called “My Way”;
  • Ludovica Serafini, multifaceted and volcanic designer, draws inspiration from everyday life and the beauties of nature, and all her projects tell something intimate and personal to reveal to others. Ecology is the basis of his creative thinking, and it is from here that “Oxygène” takes its starting point.

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