Sikula Book Festival “Poet and storyteller by chance – school”: IC Capuana wins in two episodes

The students of G. Verga First Grade Secondary School in Barcelona PG were awarded the first in two whole sections of Sikula Book Festival in the XIII edition of the international award “Poet and storyteller by chance – school”

In the episode Poet by chance NewcomerItalian students from First Grade Secondary School participated with a lyrics in Italian or, if from another country, in the language to which they belong, accompanied by the accompanying translation.

  • 1st Class Marta Sant’Angelo – IIIB – Grade I Sec. School “G. Verga “- Barcelona PG (ME) with” The New Me “(162 votes)
  • 2nd place Cristian Battaglia – IB – Skolesek. In class “G. Verga “- Barcelona PG (ME) with” I would like “(158 votes)
  • 3ª classified Adele Arcoraci – IIA – School Sec. In Grade “G. Verga” – Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME) with “Running in the Fields” (157 votes)

There Honorable mention was awarded to Maria Pirri – IIA – 1st Grade School “G. Verga” – Barcelona PG (ME) with “Vera fighter” (156 votes) and Mention of profit to Christian Claudiu Petraru – IA – Grade I Sec. School “G. Verga “- Barcelona PG (ME) med” Ești ceea ce faci, nu ceea ce spui! “(You are what you do, not what you say!) (155 votes)

In the episode The vernacular composes poetry at randomFor example, students from Second Degree Secondary School have ventured into a poem written in any Italian language, accompanied by the translation into Italian.

  • 1st class Nina Pirri – IIB – 1st class sec. School “G. Verga “- Barcelona PG (ME) with” L’isolamentu “(115 votes)
  • 2nd place Salvatore Neri – IB – Skolesek. I Grade “G. Verga “- Barcelona PG (ME) with” Sand Spirt “(Santo Spirito) (100 votes)
  • 3 ° classified Gabriel Bucca – IIA – School Sec. In Grade “G. Verga” – Barcelona PG (ME) with “A Mamma” (99 votes)

The grades were awarded by 3 judges out of twentieths for each rating criterion: form, accuracy and communication.

The award ceremony of the competition, organized by the ACIS Association, with Prof. Giacomo Trovat, took place on June 2 last year, the national day of celebration of the institution of the Italian Republic, in the Hall of Flags of the Municipal Palace of Messina.

In a room filled with award-winning young people from Messina, Milazzo, Barcelona PG, Paternò, Arezzo and also from Spain, accompanied by families and teachers, texts and synopses of stories were heard in a range of emotions for all present.

After the introductory greetings from the outgoing cultural councilor, dr. Vincenzo Caruso, the president of ACIS and the entire jury, consists of its president, Prof. Angelo Maria De Marco, of Prof. Grazia Dottore and of dr. Giuseppe Sturniolo, the award ceremony began. The artistic director of the competition, dr. Giovanni Macrì, played the role of presenter

An exciting moment was when His Excellency the Supreme Court Mons. Cesare Di Pietro, auxiliary bishop of Messina-Lipari-Santa Lucia del Mela, the archdiocese, stepped in, who brought his greetings and then gave everyone his blessing.

Roberta Macrì also gave a speech, urging those present to never give up in the face of the adversity that life, sometimes ruthlessly, can pose for each of us.

An interested local listened to the award-winning boys clapping for their performances, but also listened to maestro Mimmo Ambriano’s Sicilian folk songs.

It was an exciting morning for the young people, who together with literature teachers Laura Lemmo Gallo and Francesca Abbriano proudly read their works aloud in front of an interested and competent audience consisting of experts and lovers of poetry and art. The jury gave the school the book, the final product, which brings together all the texts that participated in the competition.

At the end of the ceremony, in the nearby Piazza Duomo, led by Prof. Eleonora Tavilla, who acted as a guide among the beauties of Messina, award-winning students, parents and jurors enjoyed the beauty of the protomotive cathedral basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the Bell Tower of the Duomo with its famous astronomical clock and the monumental Orione Fountain made by Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli. We proceeded to the external visit of the Church of the Catalans and finally all to the restaurant “Il Siciliano”, where those present, welcomed by professional management, could taste typical Messina dishes.

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