Roberto Bogialli exhibition in Morbegno

As part of the events and demonstrations promoted by the Cultural Association “Forme Luci Ombre È Valtellina”, on 2 and 3 June last year, the opening took place in the monastery and the Auditorium Sant’Antonio di Morbegno by the personal exhibition dedicated to the artist Roberto Bogialli.

Roberto Bogialli exhibition

There are over 30 works on display until June 12: works that Roberto Bogialli loved to define throughout his life. Not only for the devotion that each artist gives to their creations, but above all because in each work there is Roberto’s deep experience: the places and the people who were part of his childhood and youth, up to his mature age. . And they reproduce the artistic experience, the stylistic choices and the techniques that have been used in decades of work and experiments.

He died prematurely

In the introductory presentation of the exhibition, to Cristina Ferrè, he recalled February last year, when we were reached by the news of Roberto Bogialli’s death. Pain. The loss. Disbelief. But also immediately the reaction to the painful moment: to think about the future and arrange a big solo show to celebrate the memory and to keep it with us if possible.

“A few months have passed and when the conditions were right, here is the large and articulated personal exhibition of the artist, located in the scenographic chapter room of the Sant’Antonio complex, which we are all inaugurating this evening in memory of a artist, teacher, poet of images. And then by a man with truly extraordinary and extraordinary human abilities “.

“All this thanks to the work and commitment of his family, Patrizia and Christian Bogialli, who chose the works to be presented, and to the Cultural Association” Forme Luci Ombre È Valtellina “

Roberto Bogialli

Roberto was born in Morbegno in 1952, but spent his childhood and youth in Civo, a small and very lively reality over Morbegno, on the rhetorical side, the most lonely, luminous.
From an early age he learns to observe the landscape, the men, the women of the mountains, the work in the vineyards and the fields, the order of the seasons, the passage of time, yes life. A huge legacy of images and memories (here is the link to the title) that Roberto will be able to transfer with wisdom to his works.

Today, the artist Roberto Bogialli presents over 30 works that reconstruct his entire life, lived with beloved and famous people in a territory where he has wisely been able to seize the human wealth and the changes that have been marked by the years progress.

Portraitistic and figurative

Portrait and figurative are his specialties. And this exhibition trail carefully respects and testifies to the evolution, growth, and natural events of every person he met.
It begins with the section dedicated to glimpses of his beloved Morbegno: many reinterpretations of Piazza San Giovanni, Piazza Sant’Antonio and Tre Fontane. A poetic image is dedicated to the old laundry in via Faedo and to the convent of Sant’Antonio.

In the second section, here are the paintings dedicated to the peasants and rural areas of Civo and the Amalfi Coast: work in the vineyards, hay production, religious ceremonies, portraits of people met, known and loved.
Many canvases are dedicated to children portrayed while playing while working in the countryside, in moments of carefree or during religious moments.
Attention to detail and use of gentle, sweet, nipple colors, almost a poem: these are the distinctive and distinct characteristics of almost all the works present. Here are his barely hinted pastel colors, which give way to darker ones to emphasize the gloom, fatigue and uniqueness of a moment imprinted on the canvas.

The techniques used are mainly oil on wood and plywood, rigid supports that are able to maintain compactness and resist the artist’s most crucial brushstrokes and retouching done directly with the fingers.

A hard, compact surface that hardly bends after the play of colors.

Hug in the memory

“Precisely because of the versatility of the master Roberto Bogialli,” continues Cristina Ferrè, this exhibition can be experienced and rejected by everyone in just as many ways: it can be an autobiographical book, a poem canticle, a photographic report. I hope that everyone can go beyond this artistic journey, precisely because this exhibition is able to represent much more and much more ».

This exhibition is a real embrace in memory of one of the most beloved Valtellinese artists. Which encloses and preserves a world where Valtellina territory and people live and speak.
At the end of the presentation, the leaders of the cultural association “Forme Luci Ombre È Valtellina”, Roberto Bogialli’s wife, Mrs. Patrizia, gave a plaque in memory of the artist.

The hope and desire is always that during this journey everyone can be encouraged by beauty, by memories, by emotions. But the best words are those told by the same works peeking out on the walls. Of unexpected beauty, one after another.

The exhibition is open until June 12. A valuable opportunity to approach the visit. To see and review.

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