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LECCE – Already in the photograph taken in the first edition of data collected by Il Sole 24 Ore, which tells the quality of life of children, young people and the elderly on a territorial basis through 12 indicators selected to measure some aspects that affect their lives, the relative overall figure in Lecce al Salento he was in “trouble”.

And the new data still confirms a slow trend with more shadows than light. Not exactly a comfortable area for the elderly and especially for young people (although at least ten jobs have been restored). And perhaps more within the reach of families and children. But with a slight decline with the transition from 61st to 67th place in the final position, where the city of Aosta stands out, out of 107 total cities and with the province of Naples at the bottom of the rankings for the youngest (0-10) more year).

Confirmed 31 indicators out of 36 among those selected last year to document benefits and living conditions. As a new entry, the percentage of school buildings with canteens debuted among the 12 parameters that make up the ranking of children; e-commerce companies among them for young people; the presence of specialists, dependence on the working age population and antidepressant drugs among the elderly. Each parameter has been assigned a score for each province from 1000 to 0. And the final ranking is the result of the average of the scores obtained.

The ranking of the three indicators divided into age groups, children (0-10 years), young people (18-35) and the elderly (over 65), was first published in June 2021 as a step in the historical year-end survey, has been updated by Sole 24 Ore to tell how the map of well-being has changed based on the territories’ “response” to the specific needs of three generational goals.

The result, according to the analysis of the economic newspaper, is that Salento occupies a 67th place (out of 107 and in regression at six positions compared to 2021) for living conditions for children. In the overall ranking for young people’s quality of life, which projects the province of Piacenza at the forefront, Lecce and Salento gnaw a dozen positions up to 90, but still in the low cut of the ranking. Cagliari conquers the precedence in the well-being of the elderly, who instead sees Lecce and the province stop at a height of 75 in the general classification, but rises from the previous position: it was 91.

Indicators and positions of Lecce and its province

On the rankings for welfare children the indicators taken into account are: the fertility rate (average number of children per woman), with the province of Lecce in 85th place; pediatricians (professionals active every thousand residents 0-14 years), with the 37th place; places available in kindergartens (every 100 children from 0 to 3 years) with the 54th place; living space (average surface area / average household members) with 21st place; students per. class (average number in public schools), with 62nd place; accessible schools (without physical barriers, as a percentage of the total), with a 44th place.

And also school buildings with gymnasium, with 14th place; school gardens (square meters per child 0-14 years in the capital) with the 87th place; decorated green area (square meters for children 0-14 years in the capital) with 106th place. School buildings with the canteen with 80th place. Sports and children’s index (sports schools and children between 6 and 14 who practice competitive sports), with a 64th place; crimes reported to the detriment of minors (every 10 thousand minors), with the 45th place.

The ranking for young takes into account the following indicators: the migration balance, which places the Lecce area in 54th place; one of the signs of vitality relates to youth entrepreneurship, which places Lecce and its province in a 12th place; as well as youth e-commerce marks 23rd place. 92. position for sports areas; for the average of municipal administrators under 40, occupied the 66th place; in terms of the parameter rent for young people and students, 50th place. For the unemployment rate, Lecce and the province are still in the direction of the classic fund, at a 93rd place, as well as for the number of candidates, with a 98th place.

And again the marriage quotient (the ratio of celebrated marriages to the quantity of the population) with the 23rd position; at the rent gap between the center and the suburbs, the 91st position is occupied; for the average age of women giving birth, 83rd position; for the presence of bars and discos, 71st position

The ranking of quality of life for seniors, finally, it examines these indicators: life expectancy of 65, with a 60th place; those exposed to noise pollution with the 40th position; the presence of libraries, 88th place. And again, for home care, Lecce and its province are in 36th place; for the number of city gardens, 80th place; for the transport of the elderly and disabled, the area occupies 85th position; For the dependency index for the elderly, the 68th position was occupied.

For the number of nurses a pretty good overall ranking in 22nd place; for the number of geriatricians, on the other hand, the position is 80., the same occupied for the consumption of medicines for chronic diseases. In thirteenth place for consumption instead of medication for depression and finally the 64th for the number of specialists.

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