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It has it special charmto magnetism which remains unchanged over time without ever losing its enamel, and which constantly attracts million from tourists from everywhere, both new and “old”.

THAT visitor that comes to Paris for first time they are actually animated by the firm intention not to lose any of those who are the indispensable must, of those who represent the absolutely obligatory destinations. But many othersnow Familiar with there town, they return there to discover the original places and off the beaten track, in search of other emotions that the city itself can offer.

Oh yeah… Paris has this effect: makes you fall wildly in love by itself, and it is no coincidence that it is there romantic city par excellenceone of the most popular destinations, and not just for couples.

In fact, it especially catches on rich cultural and architectural heritagealways current and interesting, as well as for it gastronomythat fashion and that shopping. Not separated by so much emotion. An intense and suggestive “panorama”, in front of which it is really hard – if not impossible – to remain indifferent.

Not surprisingly, so are the “heart pieces” left in what it is -one of European capitals absolutely most loveden ‘indisputable beauty icon from which one is “relentlessly” conquered, and about which the Memory will always be alive.

What to see

It’s hard to explain it in words charm wrapped Paris and what makes it one of those most popular destinationsalways at the top of what is the personal ranking of the cities to spend a few days in, or – why not – even a longer period.

But what do you see? What should you bring with you on your journey, and what should you omit instead? L ‘ideal it would be possible to dedicate oneself to “everything”, for one complete itinerary from any point of view therefore. But whatrealistically, Does not is possible, unless your own is not one Stay really longat least a few months.

The reason for thatarmed with realism and practical sense, it will be necessary to operate one sortingalways considering i main interestswhich obviously – as it should be – diversifies according to the user on duty.

Importantly, however, at the same timelook up some space free of forms and formsto “just” be able to stroll through the streets and squares of Paris breathes its atmosphere. To comprehend many facets of the place, which could escape if they excessively “committed” to their planning and concentrated on it.

For during your stay you must even being “carried away” by the cityperhaps dwelling on “something” that – unexpectedly – catches one’s attention and that deserves a few moments.

That way, it becomes even more comfortable to resume the journey, strengthened by it “Surprise factor” not expected and it added one pleasant quid plus.

The places of interest

Exquisite mixture of culture, art and romance, Paris have so much to offer to its visitors. So where do you start? What stops not to miss should you consider in your vacation plan?

To tell and illustrate in an exhaustive and “definitive” way any beauty in the French capital is practically impossible, for conceivable reasons for … space. But you can Sign up a kind of “Mandatory agreements” which you should not miss.

That first of this appointment can only be “her,” the undisputed symbol from Parisas well as one of the best known monuments ever.

Let’s talk about Eiffel Tourwhich was inaugurated in 1889revealed today one of the most admired attractions of tourists from all over the world. And to think that it was originally heavily hampered by Parisian public opinion, and sometimes even defined as a “clumsy skeleton” or an “empty candlestick”. The best way to enjoy all its splendor? The monumental terrace of the Trocadéro in front of it, from which it is possible to take beautiful souvenir photos.

The typical itinerary can then continue with The Louvre Museum, one of the best known museums in the world, which houses the greatest masterpieces of ancient and modern art. And with Orsay Museumwhich is housed inside an old disused railway station, houses the greatest masterpieces of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.

And what aboutAvenue des Champs- Élysées e of Latin Quarter? Long almost 2 kilometers, the first runs from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde, and has since the mid-19th century been regarded as the emblem of Parisian style and will to live.

However, it is not a real neighborhood The otheras rather a ‘area of greater breadth, which takes its name from the historic “destination” of the district itself, a study center. Intellectual and consumerist at the same timethe area sees the presence of small cafes and specialist bookstores as well as clothing and vinyl record stores.

Seine at sunset 2017

Seine at sunset

In particular: a boat trip on the Seine

The ones just illustrated are some of “typical” sights which is suggested to visit as soon as in the city. A small but well-structured selection that allows you to get into the Parisian “spirit” right away while remaining amazed at the many beauties of the place.

But among the attractions of Paris, what turns out to be a ‘truly unique experience, as well as extremely romantic: en cruise on the Seine, an inevitable opportunity for lovers but also for those who want to enjoy unique and wonderful views while sailing on the river. Everyone on board characteristic Bateaux Mouchesfully glazed boats, partly open and partly closed.

Various that possible options, therefore for many different cruises, depending on personal and specific needs and preferences. In fact, it goes from “standard” cruiselasting about 1 hour, to the one with free stopswhich lasts about 2 hours, stopping at various places in the French capital so you can get on and off, Yes No to arrive for real trips of longer duration.

More solutionstherefore, among which everyone will find the one that best suits their cause, and which will primarily be an opportunity to experience moments of pure “magic”, discover in an original way the most beautiful monuments of the city. But also an option to relaxmaybe after spending a lot of time walking.

And if you have a little more time …

Self your own stop In Paris anticipates a few more days, and you love it L ‘antiques and everything that matters marketsa scene to put on the agenda and definitely not to be missed is it Saint-Ouen flea market.

Open from Saturday to Mondaycovers 6 hectares and includes 15 markets and 2000 banks, including furniture, mirrors, lamps, but also clothes, plates and old books. As well as vintage artifacts and author pieces that happened there by pure chance.

ONE’tempting opportunity if you are looking for one good trade or simply for browse and take something distinctive home. A little “hidden treasure” that will find new life in, for example, the kitchen cupboard or in your home library, and give it the “Parisian touch” that will make the difference.

Impossible Yes do not find in this “abundance”, in this “mine of ideas”, a article you like, but if that were to happen visit Sara anyway was worth one living L ‘chaotic, yet joyful atmosphere of this market. And to perpetuate picturesque and unique cornershard to find other places that certainly will not be forgotten.

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